Wainwright Contribution to the library

Contribution to the Acquiring of Books

Since the 1970s, the Wainwright Fund allows for an innovative partnership between the Faculty of Law and the Nahum Gelber Law Library of McGill University, with the Wainwright committee’s intervention. This partnership permits the constant expansion of McGill’s civil law collection, which as a result has attained an enviable reputation beyond our borders.

An annual amount is put at the disposal of the law library which then proceeds to the selection and purchasing of monographs according to criteria established in collaboration with the Wainwright committee and librarian.

These acquisitions (see list in right hand column) have allowed the library’s collection to move beyond the classic vision of civil law, centered on France, in order to reflect the global influence of civil law across continents, its historic evolution, as well as its linguistic diversity. Particular attention is equally paid to the historic dimension of civil law in order to support the unique and seminal Olivier-Martin collection, which forms the base of the Wainwright collection.

Wainwright Librarians

Since 1998, the McGill University legal community benefited from the contributions of Mtre Daniel Boyer, Wainwright Librarian of Civil Law, who combines the qualifications of jurist and librarian.

Wainwright Librarians oversee the acquisition of books on private and comparative law for the McGill University Law Library. An annual grant from the Wainwright Fund allows for the development of the private and comparative law collections at the Law Library on a scale unmatched by any other law libraries in the country. The works are carefully chosen with the objective of expanding the horizons of research and teaching at the Faculty. Books from all countries and important territories of civil law are of interest.

The selection criteria for developing the Law Library’s civil law collection were elaborated together with the Wainwright committee and are subject to periodic review.

In addition, Wainwright Librarians actively contribute to the increasing reputation of the Faculty by regularly attending and presenting at conferences and colloquiums on law as well as library science across America, Europe and Asia.