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Software Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)


Software engineers design, develop and test the software programs that apply computer technology to everyday processes. Things as fundamental to our daily lives as downloading e-mails or scanning barcodes at the grocery store would not be possible without software engineers. The needs and opportunities are endless.

This program offers foundational knowledge in computer and electrical engineering. You will develop the skills needed to design, create and troubleshoot complex software systems. Our programs allow you to round out your education with complementary courses in the social sciences, management, humanities and law.

Software Engineering is offered through the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Computer Science. You can also pursue this program in the Faculty of Arts if you want to learn the principles, techniques and methodology of software engineering while exploring a range of other subjects.

Note: The Software Engineering Minor will prepare engineering students for a career in software engineering. It will provide a foundation in basic computer science, computer programming, and software engineering practice. The Minor program does not carry professional recognition.


As a software engineer, you can do essential, exciting and cutting-edge work. Software engineers design computer software and web applications, create flight navigation software, develop video games, and write automation programs for robotics.

Software engineers are in high demand — they offer a critical area of expertise in the rapidly evolving IT sector.

You could become a professional:

  • Software development engineer
  • Web developer
  • Game developer
  • Database administrator
  • IT specialist

Possible minors

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