Plant Biology


In the Plant Biology Specialization, you will learn all about the nature of plants — from their cellular structure, to their role in the ecosystem.    

You will examine the structure and development of plants in the context of their function as the primary producers on earth. You will also learn about the physiology and biochemistry of plants, from the basics of photosynthesis, to the production of chemical compounds used for defence against herbivores, pests and pathogens. This program will also help you to develop skills in plant identification, plant propagation, and molecular methods for studying plants and fungi.   

Most courses offer laboratory portions that expand on the lecture material, and will introduce you to the latest techniques in plant biology. Many laboratory exercises use the excellent research and field facilities at the Morgan Arboretum, McGill Herbarium, Lods Centre, the Horticultural Centre and the Plant Science greenhouses, and McGill field stations. You can also undertake a research project under the guidance of a member of the Plant Science Department as part of your studies. 

This specialization must be combined with a major in the BSc(AgEnvSc). The recommended majors are Environmental Biology or Life Sciences (Biological & Agricultural).


Career paths can include: 

  • Field biologist 
  • Research technician   
  • Environmental biologist 
  • Botanist 
  • Manager, educator, or researcher in a botanical garden 
  • Horticulturalist 

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Check the full admission requirements for information about deadlines and whether supporting documents are required as part of your application. 

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