Construction Engineering and Management


Construction engineers oversee the design and production of building and infrastructure projects.

A Minor in Construction Engineering and Management can round out your studies in engineering or architecture and prepare you for a management role in the field. Core courses in finance, management, engineering and law will help you build the skills to plan and manage projects after your degree.

This Minor is particularly designed for Civil Engineering students, but it is open to all B.Eng., and B.Sc.(Arch.) students. 


Construction Engineering and Management graduates often work as technical specialists on projects in construction design and management, water and power management, geotechnology and transportation design.

As a Construction Engineer, your problem-solving, finance, and communication skills also make you an effective project manager and executive.

You can become a professional:

  • Construction manager
  • Structural engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Design engineer

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Engineering.

See full admission requirements for more information about deadlines and whether supporting documents are required for your application. 

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