Applied Ecology


The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, many of the materials we use, and much of the recreation and culture we enjoy are products of ecological systems. 

We manage ecosystems to provide us with these benefits, and our use and misuse can have grave impacts. Problems like pollution, over-harvesting, acid rain and climate change often arise because we fail to understand our ecosystems properly.

In this specialization/minor, you can develop your understanding of how ecosystems function. You'll build foundational knowledge of living and non-living components of ecosystems, and how they interact. You can also learn to apply systems thinking to the challenges that come with managing ecosystems for agriculture, forestry, fisheries, protected areas and urban development. Upon graduation, you will be able to harness concepts and tools that can help you deal with the complexity that an ecosystem perspective brings.

If taken as a specialization, it must be combined with a major in the B.Sc(AgEnvSc). The suggested major is Environmental Biology


The Applied Ecology program will help prepare you for a number of careers. You could conduct environmental impact assessments and develop regulations to combat pollution or protect threatened species, write briefs on agriculture or environment for executives in industry or government, conduct field research, and more. 

You could become a professional:  

  • Policy advisor
  • Field researcher
  • Museum curator
  • Ecological educator

Possible minors

Minors are a great way to customize your academic experience. Many students use minors to pursue interests outside their major, while others choose minors to complement their degree.

Complementary minors for this program include:

Ready to apply?

For this program, you'll need to apply to the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Check the full admission requirements for information about deadlines and whether supporting documents are required as part of your application. 

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