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Organizational Behaviour

Can be taken as: Major, Concentration

The Organizational Behaviour Major enables students to gain in-depth understanding of human behaviour in organizations at an individual, group and organizational level. Required courses in leadership, human resource management, and team management introduce students to critical concepts of management while also addressing more practical issues of how to analyze and influence patterns of action and behavior in a variety of organizational roles and settings. This program of study also provides students with the opportunity to gain a foundational disciplinary view of the field by specializing in one of the following social science disciplines: sociology, anthropology, & psychology.

The Organizational Behaviour Concentration provides an opportunity for students to increase their awareness of behavioural issues encountered in jobs and organizational settings, and to prepare themselves for graduate study in the behavioural sciences or for careers in general management or human resource management.

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) - Major Organizational Behaviour (66 Credits)
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) - Concentration in Organizational Behaviour (15 Credits)