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Biomedical Engineering

Can be taken as: Minor

The minor in Biomedical engineering is a very broad, interdisciplinary field that involves the application of engineering, the physical sciences and computer science to medicine and the life sciences. McGill is among the first to establish a biomedical-engineering programme in North America, and one of the most research intensive ones.

The Biomedical Engineering department prides itself on the diversity of it students – hailing from all areas of engineering and from the physical, chemical and life sciences – and their passion and drive. Students can do experimental or theoretical research or a combination of both, and there are possibilities for research in hospitals and in the field.

Engineering students may take this minor in addition to the courses required for the B.Eng. degree. Minor programs normally consist of 18-24 credits, allowing 9-12 credits of overlap with the degree program. The real credit cost to the student is typically 9 to 15 credits, representing one term beyond the typical length of the B.Eng. degree program.

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Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) - Minor Biomedical Engineering (21 Credits)