Student Project Opportunities Sponsored By The Faculty

Summer / Fall / Winter Bursaries in Research

With two months of summer vacation at the end of first year, a summer research bursary is an opportunity to expand your research experience, to try out research for the first time, as well as make some money for Med II textbooks.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences offers its Summer Research Bursary Program to health professional students. Students in Med I are eligible to apply. All research must be carried out under the direction of a McGill University faculty member. You may approach a faculty member on your own or you may consult the list of projects available on the website below. You should organize a project in which you will have an important role. Ideally, you should be involved in a literature search, the formulation and understanding of the methodology involved (which itself must be of a high scientific caliber), and in the interpretation, writing and presentation of the findings. Students must be in good standing and not on probation.

Summer projects involve eight consecutive weeks of full-time research and must be carried out during the summer vacation period (June-August). Summer research bursaries are approximately $3,200 each.

The Faculty also offers a more limited number of fall and winter research bursaries to support ongoing student research interests and the continuation of summer projects. The amount of a fall or winter bursary is $2,000 for 12 weeks of part-time research.

More information is available on the following websites:

Jennifer Nemes
Trainee Awards Coordinator, Research Bursary Program
Room 636, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
Email: [at]

For more information regarding dentistry research, please visit:

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