Winter Bursary

The following information is for the Winter 2024 competition.

In addition to the funding provided by its Summer Research Bursary Program, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences also offers a limited number of research bursaries during the following winter term. Funding for the Winter Research Bursary Program is provided by various donors.

The purpose of the Winter Research Bursary Program is to support the ongoing research interests of the Faculty's summer bursary recipients. That is, a limited number of students are given the opportunity to test a new hypothesis or investigate a new research objective based on their original summer project.

Duration and value of award

A winter research project must be conducted between early January and late April. The project must be completed on a part-time basis for 12 weeks; 12 hours per week, in accordance with the student's availability.

The standard research bursary value is $2,000 for 12 weeks of part-time research (available in 2 installments).

Eligibility of students and supervisors

  • Applicant must be currently registered at McGill in one of the following undergraduate or non-thesis programs: Medicine(Year 1-2), Nursing (BSc or Direct-Entry MScA), Physical or Occupational Therapy (BSc), Speech-Language Pathology (MScA)
  • Students registered in the MD-PhD joint program are not eligible to apply during the fall/winter terms
  • Chosen supervisor must be a Full, Associate or Assistant Professor within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (who is not a relative)
  • Each faculty member may supervise up to 2 students; each applicant must have an independent project or research question
  • Student and supervisor should not be on leave during any part of the 12 weeks of research
  • If program requirements were not fulfilled for a previous research bursary program (e.g. abstract/report or evaluation not submitted), future applications for funding will not be considered

Application deadline

Complete applications are due by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. This includes submission of the online application form, the student project proposal form and the signed agreement form.

Full ethics approval

For research projects involving human subjects and/or animals, full ethics approval must already be obtained by the above deadline date in order for a student's application to be considered.

Conditions of award

  • Students may not concurrently hold a competitive source of funding during tenure of the Faculty's research bursary
  • Funding is not transferable to another student
  • Project must involve 12 weeks of part-time research (12 hours/week) conducted between early January and late April
  • On-site research work must be conducted at McGill University or one of its affiliated institutions. Remote (or hybrid) work is a possibility with appropriate justification.  
  • Research work must be consistent with the student project proposal submitted (the basis of award offer); should there be a need for the research work to change significantly, the Trainee Awards Coordinator must be notified immediately at [at]
  • If required by a supporting donor, the student agrees to provide information about his/her research (e.g. final abstract and/or report) as well as a letter of thanks
  • In order to receive research bursaries, students must be in good academic standing (e.g. without supplemental exams to write or remedial rotations to complete)
  • If a student is placed on probation after accepting an award, s/he must notify the Trainee Awards Coordinator immediately at [at]
  • If the Faculty feels that a student's education will be jeopardized by doing research, it reserves the right to advise the student not to continue with his/her plans
  • Should award conditions not be met, the Faculty reserves the right to recall all or part of the student's funding

The following requirements must also be met:

Student Responsibilities

In early May, bursary recipients must submit a final abstract and report based on their research findings. The abstract and report must conform to the guidelines provided and be submitted by the specified deadline date.

Supervisor Responsibilities

In early May, supervisors are required to submit an evaluation of their student's performance. Supervisors must use the Supervisor Evaluation Form provided and respect the specified deadline date.

It is strongly recommended that supervisors review their student's final abstract and report in order to provide any necessary guidance.

Deadline for final abstract, final report and supervisor evaluation

Final abstracts, final reports and supervisor evaluations are due on Monday, May 13, 2024. Details regarding Winter 2024 documentation will be shared at the end of March 2024 on the Abstract, Report and Evaluation webpage.

Notification of results

Within 2 weeks of the application deadline, students and supervisors will be notified by email regarding the results of the bursary competition.


For questions regarding the Winter Research Bursary Program, please contact the Trainee Awards Coordinator at [at]


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