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mcgill engineering, tised and SED180 logos with 5 students holding a sign that says SED180

2023 SED180 Presentation Event

Prof. Sarah Jordaan , Sagar Kancharla, Julia Levin, and Dale Marshall with H2 in green forest and the tised, mcgill engineering and trottier family foundation logos

Green Hydrogen: avoiding pitfalls to unlock its potential for Canadian industries

mcgill engineering, tised and seam logo with students male and female looking towards the camera
Designing a Sustainable Future: Learn more about TISED's Master of Sustainability in Engineering and Design.
mcgill, cdsi and tised logo, bio mass and prof. yuan yao
Developing Life Cycle Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Pathways to a Circular Bioeconomy

Presented by Prof. Yao

animated students both make and female facing forward with books and bookbags
SEDTalk Grad Kick Off
mcgill engineering and tised logo with a stem in gears and 10th anniversary writing
TISED 10th Anniversary
bruce lourie, canadian flag over mountains mcgill engineering and tised logo
Climate Solved: Canada's Pathways to a Net Zero Economy.

Presenter: Dr. Bruce Lourie

mcgill engineering and tised logo nanotechonology on blue background and pedro alvarez brace logo
Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment

Presented by Prof. Pedro Alvarez

mcgill engineering and tised logo Dr. James Meadowcroft, Dr. Sara Hastings Simons and  Dr. Bruce Lourie and canadian flag drawn to one side
How Can Canada Lead in the Net-Zero Innovation Space

Panel Dicussion

brace, tised and mcgill engineering logo with sewage water pumping out of drain and  Professor Sarah Dorner (Polytechnique Montréal), Associate Professor Dominic Frigon (McGill University) and Associate Professor Robert Delatolla (University of Ottawa)
COVID-19 surveillance in wastewater

Presented by Professor  Dorner,  Frigon and Delatoll

mcgill engineering, tised and seam logo, mining site with three bubbles with equipment and alp bora
Why we need mining to save the environment?

Presented by Alp Bora

tised and brace logo with a backdrop of surgical masks covered in plastic and Dr. Tony Walkers
Environmental and health impacts of COVID-19 related plastic waste

Presented by Dr. Tony Walkers

mcgill engineering, tised and seam logos with  green and soil with lightbulb sketch and leaf sprouting in the centre
Plant your SEAD!
cube dice with environment, future, nature, economic, social, responsibility, equality, ethics and sustainability, Bruce lourie and mcgill engineering and tised logos

Thinking about your career path? Make it Sustainability!

Presented by Dr. Bruce Lourie

green border with a hand holding a  globe over a lake with the tised and mssi logo

A Perspective on Climate Change and 21st Century Challenges

Presented by Lorne Trottier

Professor Gisele Azimi - mineral, chemical in beaker and solar

Supercritical fluid extraction for the recovery of rare earth elements

Fondation 3E, mcgill engineering and tised logos with lightbulb full of solar energy panels and a hand with lighted fingers touching it and dr vaclav smil

"Energy Revolution? More like a Crawl"

Presented by: Dr. Vaclav Smil

mcgill engineering and tised logo with blocks with earth and solar energy and things withchris marnay

"What is a Microgrid?"

Presented by Chris Marnay

mcgill engineering and tised logo giant battery with windwills and geza joos

Electricity Storage as an Integration Enabler

Presented by Geza Joos

polytechnique, mcgill engineering and tised logo with renewable energy windmill and solar panels and jim nicell

Toward a 100%-clean-energy Québec

Presented by Jim Nicell

nserc, desaultel, mcgill engineering anf tised logo- chemistry notes with green bottle and dr amy cannon

Green Chemistry and Biomimicry

Presented by Dr. Amy Cannon

Nanomaterials 2016 Seminars 

Mcgill and tised logo quebec skyline with Stefan Grimberg

Quebec's Resource Recovery Potential 2017 Seminar

Multiple speakers

tised and mcgill engineering logo and canada and usa flags with john reilly

Can renewables become the dominant source of electricity in Canada and the USA?

students talking and fondation 3d mcgill engineering and tised logo

Course showcase - TISED and Fondation 3E (2014)

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