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Past Events

hands in plastic gloves holding a globe with a leaf stem rising out of it with Michael E Mann and Naomi Oreskes

Lessons from a Pandemic: Solutions for Addressing the Climate Change Crisis

The 7th Annual Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy and Design will focus on laying a road map to addressing the climate change crisis.

hand holding a sprouted tree stem

Plant your SEAD! - an introduction to sustainability courses in the Faculty of Engineering

TISED & SEAM will be hosting “Plant your SEAD! - an introduction to sustainability courses in the Faculty of Engineering.”

cartoon woman and men looking at computer and woman on screen

SEDx180S Sustainable Engineering and Design Event

Watch as graduate students deliver a 180-second virtual talk on their sustainability research to a multidisciplinary audience

hand with green fingertips holding a vine - 4 bubble images of students showcasing their projects- tised and seam logo

SURE & Sustainability 

TISED & SEAM will be hosting SURE & Sustainability information session.

a split image: a sewer with water running through it and a test tube with baster being tested

COVID-19 surveillance in wastewater

Join us as our speakers will present their research findings of SARS-CoV-2 surveillance in Ottawa and Montreal wastewaters.

February 24, 2021 | 12:05 P.m.

SEDTALKS logo with sustainability, engineering and design and Breno Mumic Sequeira, Claire Gibson, and Christopher Ramos

2021 SEDTALKS Event

Watch the March 24, 2021, SEDTALKS event and celebrate the research & talent of SEDTalks! Sustainability Changemakers

tised and brace logo with a backdrop of surgical masks covered in plastic and Dr. Tony Walkers

Environmental and health impacts of COVID-19 related plastic waste

Plastic has helped us prevent the spread of Covid-19 but how has that affected the environment?

auditorium with student presenting research on stage with red slash design
SED180 Student Event

Watch McGill Engineering, Architecture, and Urban Planning graduate students deliver their 180-second talks on their sustainability research

green border with a hand holding a  globe over a lake with the tised and mssi logo
A Perspective on Climate Change and 21st Century Challenges

Hosted on April 6, 2022, | 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

An evening with Lorne Trottier

red, green and blue squares with Anirban Kundu, Valerie Lamenta and Galih Suwito- faculty of engineering tised and wsp logo
2022 SEDTALKS! Event

Hosted on March 30 2022 at 5:30 pm (EST) 

The SEDTalks! event features TEDTalk-style presentations from three graduate students, our ChangeMakers, followed by a live Q&A.

sed180 logo with sponsored by wsp, students cartoons looking through a microscope and chemical tubes and speeches, a cartoon of presentation and icon of certification and cash prize

2022 SED180 Presentation Event

Watch McGill Engineering, Architecture, and Urban Planning Graduate students deliver their 180-second virtual talk on their sustainability research.

yellow streams representing electricity background with sarah jordaan and the mcgill engineering, tised and tisedtalk logos

TISEDTalks: "EmPOWERing Global Change with Life Cycle Assessment: A Spatiotemporal Approach"

Presented by: Dr. Sarah Jordaan 

mcgill engineering, tised and seam logo, mining site with three bubbles with equipment and alp bora

TISED & SEAM event "Why we need mining to save the environment"

Presented by: Alp Bora 

tisedtalk, mcgill engineering and tised logo with arrows going in two direction of boats, planes, lubber train, sustainable icon in lightbulb, windmill and trucks with dr. benjamin goldstein

Tracking Corporate Actors Across Space and Time

Presented by Dr. Benjamin Goldstein


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