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TISEDTalks Series

TISEDTalks feature both Canadian and international researchers on relevant topics of sustainability in urban planning, architecture, and engineering; attendance is open to all members of our community, professors, students and public, alike. The goal of TISEDTalks is to provide a forum where our members can meet other researchers as well as present their work, all in hopes of fostering potential cross disciplinary collaborations while engaging the broader McGill student and research community and highlighting the cutting-edge work done by our members in the area of sustainability.

mcgill sustainable event platinum badge with bird in calendar

We are proud to announce that our series has been awarded a Platinum Sustainable Event certification by the McGill Sustainable Events program run by the McGill Office of Sustainability. 

Nous sommes fiers d’annoncer que notre événement a été certifié comme événement de Platine par le programme Événements durables McGill du Bureau du développement durable de l’Université McGill. 

mcgil and tised logo and tisedtalk logo with blue gloves putting soil in glass jar and Jose Julio Ortega
TISEDTalk: Bioavailability of organic pollutants and sustainable soil remediation
mcgill engineering, tised, tisedtalk logo and green crop and soren husted
TISEDTalk: How do we unleash the potential of nano-fertilization?

Presented by Prof. Søren Husted

mcgill engineering, tisedd and tisedtalk logo with image  of abandoned oil wells and mary kang
TISEDTalk: Methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells

Presented by Prof. Mary Kang

mcgill engineering, tised and tisedtalk logo and salmaan craig with white columns
TISEDTalk: Solar Architecture 2.0

Presented by Prof. Salmaan Craig

mcgill engineering, tised, and tisedtalks logo with atom and Jaehong Kim
TISEDTalk: Toward Single Atom Catalysis for Environmental Application
yellow streams representing electricity background with sarah jordaan and the mcgill engineering, tised and tisedtalk logos
TISEDTalk: EmPOWERing Global Change with Life Cycle Assessment

Presented by Prof. Sarah Jordaan

tisedtalks, mcgill engineering, and tised logos with benjamin goldstein and image of all forms of transport: train, plain, truck and an earth
TISEDTalk: Tracking Corporate Actors Across Space and Time 

Presented by Prof. Benjamin Goldstein

tisedtalk logo, tised logo and mcgill engineering logo -  miranda Schreurs - view of earth and Ukrainian flag
TISEDTalk: Climate Change and the War in Ukraine: Can Crises Stimulate Transformative Change?
building with rooftop green space and Jacques Ferrier with mcgill, tisedtalks and tised logos
TISEDTalk: From Infrastructure To Sensual City

Presented Prof. Jacques Ferrier

tisedtalks, tised and mcgill engineering logo with molten salt solar thermal tower and Melanie Tetreault-Friend
TISEDTalk: Turning on the heat

Presented by Prof. Mélanie Tétreault-Friend

sunset over ocean and mcgill engineering, tised and tisedtalks logo and stephanie loeb
TISEDTalk: Light Driven Environmental and Engineering Processes

Presented by Prof. Stephanie Loeb

high rise building and nik luka with tisedtalks, tised and mcgill engineering logo
TISEDTalk: Transcending disciplinary boundaries and policy stovepipes through design

Presented by Prof. Nik Luka

Tisedtalksm tised and mcgill engineering logo of Naomi Keena background of city in black and white
TISEDTalk: Circular Economy and the Built Environment: From Housing to Data

Presented by Prof. Naomi Keena

Eric masanet with a slab concrete and mcgill engineering, tised and tisedtalks logos
TISEDTalk: Decarbornizing the cement and concrete cycle

Presented by Prof. Eric Masanet

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