Is there a role for microgrids in the energy future of Quebec and Canada?

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Eastern Canada Energy Strategy

Following an initial proposition in July 2012, the Premiers of all provinces and territories agreed to work together to develop a “Canadian Energy Strategy”. As the national strategy is being...

100% Clean-Energy-Québec

OVERVIEW On May 14, 2013, we hosted "Toward a 100%-clean-energy Québec" (Vers un Québec 100 % énergie propre).

Engineering our prosperity: Sustainable cities and industries in the 21st century


This is the First annual Trottier Symposium on Sustainable Engineering, Energy and Design./tisedCategory: Dept. of Bioresource Engineering...

Québec energy consultation

In fall 2013, the Commission sur les enjeux énergétiques du Québec launched a public consultation process looking at energy issues. Citizens and organizations throughout Québec are expressing their...