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A national residential energy efficiency programme

A seminar by Chris Jofeh, Building Retrofit leader, Arup, Cardiff 

This event was co-hosted  between TISED and the McGill School of Architecture

The residential sector is responsible for just under one third of the UK’s energy use and carbon emissions. Over 90% of the UK’s housing stock of 28 million home will still be standing in 2050. Reducing the energy consumption of existing homes therefore has an important role to play in meeting the UK’s 2050 decarbonisation target of an 80% reduction from the 1990 baseline.

The UK is well-placed to meet this challenge, but to date policy flip-flops have reduced the incentives of suppliers of goods and services to make the investments required, and of owners to retrofit their homes. 

At this event, Chris Jofeh presented a programme designed by Arup to create the conditions in which the energy consumed in UK homes is halved by 2045! 


View PDF icon Chris Jofeh presentation on Natl Residential Retrofit Program in UK


About Chris Jofeh, Building Retrofit leader, Arup, Cardiff office

Chris Jofeh leads the global Buildings Retrofit team from Arup’s Cardiff office. He is  passionate about the potential for retrofitting existing buildings to improve the value that buildings deliver to their owners and occupants, and to society. He lectures and speaks frequently on retrofitting at conferences around the world. He is the Chair of Wales’ Low/Zero Carbon Hub and a Member of the Welsh Government Construction Sector Panel. He is currently leading a team producing a report on how to halve the energy demand of every home in the UK in twenty five years.

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