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Consultations and Advising Services

Our Wellness Consultants provide a safe and confidential space to support learners in resolving issues that may be interfering with their wellness and learning. Once you book an appointment with a Wellness Consultant, they will become your person of contact for all future sessions. Kindly book follow-up appointments with the same person, unless instructed otherwise.

Virtual Appointments

For a virtual appointment with a Wellness Consultant, you must be physically located in the province of Québec at the time of the appointment. This is due to restrictions imposed by the professional orders who license our Wellness Consultants to practice in certain jurisdictions.

If you are not currently located in Québec, please review McGill supported telehealth options. 

Alissa Vincenti picture Alissa Vincenti, M.A., Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C.)
Schools of ISoN, SPOT, SCSD Wellness Consultant

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To access scheduled sessions: Zoom
Email: alissa.vincenti [at]



Administrative Coordinator

Email: thewelloffice [at]

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Monday - Friday
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For immediate assistance outside of office hours, please contact these resources.


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