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If you feel that you or someone close to you is in imminent danger please dial 9-1-1. Please consult these additional resources for emergency support. 


Our Wellness Consultants provide a safe and confidential space to support learners in resolving personal issues that may be interfering with their wellness and learning.  If you are experiencing high levels of distress, our Wellness Consultants will make every effort to see you within 2 working days. Please contact the thewelloffice [at] (WELL Office) directly.

Please note
There is one Wellness Consultant assigned to each of the three units in the Faculty of Medicine: for UGME/Dentistry, PGME and Schools (ISoN, SPOT & SCSD learners) - Please book with your corresponding Wellness consultant. The evening Wellness Advisor is assigned to PGME, ISoN, SPOT & SCSD learners.
When you book an appointment with a Wellness Consultant/Advisor, they will become your on-going person of contact for future sessions. Therefore, kindly book follow-up appointments with the same person, unless a permanent switch to another Consultant/Advisor proves necessary.  


Jade-Isis Lefebvre, M.A.
UGME Wellness Consultant, The WELL Office

Email: jade-isis.lefebvre [at]
Student Appointments: Calendly


Martha Chamodraka, Ph.D., OPQ (Psychologist)
PGME Wellness Consultant, The WELL Office

Email: martha.chamodraka [at]
PGME Appointments: Calendly

Schools of PT & OT,  SCSD, ISoN

Nicole-Ann Shery, M. Ed., c.o, Psychotherapist (OPQ)
Schools Wellness Consultant, The WELL Office
**Day and evening appointments available**

Schools NEW Appointments: Calendly
Schools FOLLOW-UP Appointments: Calendly

Schools of PT & OT, SCSD, ISoN & PGME

Camila Velez, M.A., C.C.C. (Certified Canadian Counsellor)
Wellness Consultant
The WELL Office
Email: camila.velez [at]
**Schools and PGME day and evening appointments



(On Maternity Leave as of March 15th 2019)

Pascale Gendreau, M.A., c.o., Psychotherapist (OPQ)
UGME Wellness Consultant, The WELL Office

Email: pascale.gendreau [at]
Student Appointments: Calendly


The Assistant Deans provide guidance and advocacy for learners who are undergoing academic difficulty or have encountered mistreatment within the learning environment.

Namta Gupta, MD CCFP FCFP
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Associate Professor of Family Medicine, McGill University

Co-Director The WELL Office
For appointments UGME and Dentistry: thewelloffice [at] (The WELL Office)

Email: namta.gupta [at]

Paola Fata MD CM, FRCSC
Assistant Dean, Resident Professional Affairs
Associate Professor of Surgery, McGill University

Co-Director The WELL Office
For appointments PGME: email
 thewelloffice [at] (The WELL Office)
Email: [at]

Prof. Deborah Friedman BSc pht MMgmt
Assistant Dean Student Affairs, Schools, Faculty of Medicine
Associate Professor Department of Pediatrics & Pediatric Surgery

Co-Director The WELL Office
For appointments Schools: thewelloffice [at] (The WELL Office)
Email: deborah.friedman [at]


Our Career Advisor provides guidance on matters related to career choice, electives, residency applications, and post-residency options.

Elizabeth Lefebvre,
Career Advisor

Email: thewellcareeradvisor [at]
Telephone: 514-398-5557
Appointments for all learners : Calendly Calendly Logo


The WELL Office's administrative support are often the first point of contact for learners and they are here to answer any of your questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact them for any matters related to The WELL Office, for appointments with the Assistant Deans, or to get involved in wellness related activities. They will be happy to hear from you.

Susan Begg
The WELL Office Administrative Coordinator 

Email: thewelloffice [at]
Telephone: 514-398-5836


Sara Charbonneau, M.A
The WELL Office Project Administrator

Email: thewellofficeprojects [at]
Telephone: 514-398-1781


The WELL Office is located on the 2nd floor of Meredith Annex, highlighted in green.
Please note that the entrance is at the back of the Meredith Annex.

If you have any accessibility concerns and foresee having difficulties getting here and climbing one flight of stairs, thewelloffice [at] (please contact) us. 

Meredith Annex

3708 Peel Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1W9

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

For immediate assistance outside of office
hours, please contact these resources.