Housing & Food

Housing and Food

While you’re at McGill you’ll be staying in our largest undergraduate downtown residence: New Residence Hall. “New Rez” is situated in the heart of the Milton Parc Community, minutes away from Montreal’s lively downtown, and the artistic Plateau neighborhood.

Rooms are double occupancy and fully furnished, with a small fridge and television. They also offer all the comforts you could hope for: a private bathroom, air conditioning, WiFi, and double beds!

On each floor you’ll be able to relax in the TV lounge, or go over your day’s class in the study lounge. The lobby offers a very comfortable lounge and a grand piano.

Most of your meals will be eaten in the on-site cafeteria, offering a variety of options to accommodate specific dietary restrictions.

The Academy's team leaders and program manager will be on site at all times.

A room in New Residence Hall

New Residence Hall's front desk

New Residence Hall

New Residence Hall's cafeteria

New Residence Hall's lobby

A common room in New Residence Hall

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