Activities & Supervision


Montreal is a vibrant city full of opportunities for new experiences. You'll be visiting places like the Biodome and the Botanical Gardens, the Pointe-à-Caillère Museum, as well as many other places to discover the unique culture of the city. You'll be able to explore neighborhoods of the city at your own pace during free times throughout the program.

Sports activities will allow you to discover what McGill athletics and clubs have to offer. Every evening, you will be able to either socialize with other students, or discover Montreal under another light, like during a boat cruise on the Saint-Laurent under fireworks.

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Supervision Team Leaders

The Summer Academy Team is composed of Enrolment Services staff and current McGill students, trained to be the Academy's Team Leaders.

The Academy’s Team Leaders are involved in campus life throughout the academic yearas Residence Life Facilitators, Floor Fellows, or Campus Tour Guides. They come from across the world and are studying in a wide range of programs at McGill.

The Team Leaders and the program managerwill be present throughout the program to insure the well-being and security of the students, as well as give them advice on university life.

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