Certificate (Cert.) Indigenous Business Management (30 credits)

This tailored program is intended for Indigenous students as a result of the need expressed by the Indigenous community leaders. The twenty first century demands multidisciplinary individuals, teams, communities and organizations. This program introduces the knowledge and competencies essential to starting, promoting, and managing a socially relevant business or organization. It focuses on numerical and financial literacy, as well as fundamental communication and management skills. It will help develop the skills needed to create a business or effectively work in an established organization, create a business plan, develop projects, communicate with confidence, effectively manage internal and external stakeholders, understand the fundamentals of how organizations operate within a social, political, and legal framework, and negotiate and manage conflict.

Corequisite (0 Credits)

This course must be taken at the beginning of the program.

CMSC 000* (0) Foundations of Mathematics

* OR the Exemption by Examination Test.

Required Courses

CACC 220 (3) Accounting Concepts for Managers
CCLW 300 (3) Public Administration and Law for Indigenous Peoples
CENT 307 (3) Creating a Business Plan
CGMG 210 (3) Fundamentals of Project Management
CGMG 282 (3) Introduction to Business
CGMG 305 (3) Managing in Public and Non-Profit Organizations
CGMG 318 (3) Selling Models and Business Negotiation
CMRK 235 (3) Digital Media Marketing
CORG 225 (3) Foundation of Organizational Behaviour and Administration
CPRL 221 (3) Professional Communication and Networking
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