PSYT 522 Early Adversity, Development and Health (3 credits)

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Offered by: Psychiatry (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)


Psychiatry : The concept of adversity during critical developmental periods from gestation to adolescence. Examination of neurodevelopmental mechanisms, neural pathways and plasticity leading to vulnerability and resilience. How single cell expression patterns, neuronal networks and gene association studies can inform about the biological underpinnings of adversity, the individual differences in susceptibility and how these biological mechanisms link psychopathologies to other comorbidities.

Terms: Winter 2024

Instructors: Walker, Claire (Winter)

  • Prerequisites: BIOL 201, BIOC 212, ANAT 212, BIOL 202, BIOL 306, BIOL 370, ANAT 322 or equivalent; permission of the instructor if prerequisites are not met.

  • Supplementary Calendar Info: Open to U3 undergraduate students and graduate students (MSc and PhD level). Limit of 25 students. A knowledge of basic mechanisms of biology, physiology and anatomy as covered by respective undergraduate courses is expected and required to succeed in this course. Permission from the responsible instructor is required to register if course pre-requisites are not met. Priority will be given to students having the course pre-requisites and grades higher than C in these courses (B). Course is not recorded.

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