PSYC 502 Psychoneuroendocrinology (3 credits)

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Offered by: Psychology (Faculty of Science)


Psychology : This advanced seminar course offers an in-depth introduction to current topics in psychoneuroendocrinology. Students will read and discuss original scientific literature from human and animal research interrogating the mechanisms by which hormones act in the brain to influence behaviour in health and disease. Students will gain a refined understanding of key concepts in psychoneuroendocrinology, such as negative feedback control and the key neuroendocrine axes and their role in behavioural control. They will apply this knowledge to critically evaluate original scientific literature and generate hypothesis-driven research questions from the scientific literature.

Terms: Fall 2023

Instructors: Bagot, Rosemary (Fall)

  • Fall Please note that a B- in the prerequisite course(s) is recommended.

  • Prerequisite: One of PSYC 311, PSYC 318, PSYC 342, NSCI 201, or permission of the instructor.

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