Changing Programs within Selected Faculties

Changing Programs within Selected Faculties

If you are registered in a program in one of the following faculties, you may add or change programs within your faculty using Minerva ( under the Student Records Menu:

  • Arts
  • Science (see Note 2 below)
  • Bachelor of Arts and Science degree
  • Management (certain programs only)
  • Education (certain programs only)
  • Engineering (certain programs only; see below)

Certain restrictions apply. In all cases, you should consult the appropriate adviser for approval before making any changes and for faculty-specific regulations concerning program changes.

You are not permitted to use Minerva to change your degree (with the exception of Engineering, as below) or to select a program in another faculty or school.

Note for Arts, Science, or B.A. & Sc. freshman programs (97 or more credits): You cannot change your freshman program on Minerva, but may change options within your freshman program where options are available. Once you have been promoted from the freshman year you will be able to change departmental programs using Minerva as outlined in the note below.
Note for Arts, Science*, or B.A. & Sc. degree (96 or fewer credits): You may change major/major concentrations, minor/minor concentrations or faculty programs using Minerva. You may also change into, or out of, an honours program. Some restrictions apply.

* Science students are limited to choosing majors or honours programs within the Science group to which they were admitted, but may continue to choose freely from all available minor programs. To change to a major or honours program in another Science group, students must submit an Intra-Faculty Transfer application; see

Note for Desautels Faculty of Management: You may add or change certain programs using Minerva. Please verify restrictions with the BCom Office (
Note for Faculty of Education (B.Ed. Secondary program): You may add, drop, or change majors using Minerva.
Note for Faculty of Law: The addition of a major or minor must be approved by the Student Affairs Office; you will be blocked from making any program changes on Minerva.
Note for Schulich School of Music: To change or to add a music major, students must submit an Intra-Faculty Transfer application on Minerva before the assigned deadlines.. For specific program details: B.Mus. students who wish to add a major in another faculty can find more information on this website: mcgill.caémusicéprogramsédouble. B.Mus. students can also pursue a music or a non-music minor alongside their degree. A few music minors are open to students from other faculties. Visit the music minor website for more information:
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2022-2023 (last updated Mar. 16, 2021) (disclaimer)
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2022-2023 (last updated Mar. 16, 2021) (disclaimer)
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