Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements for Bachelor of Arts and Science

Each student pursuing a B.A. & Sc. must be aware of the regulations as stated in this section of this publication, on the McGill website, and on the Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising (SOUSA) website.

While departmental and Faculty advisers and staff are always available to give advice and guidance, the ultimate responsibility for completeness and correctness of course selection and registration, for compliance with, and completion of, program and degree requirements, and for the observance of regulations and deadlines rests with you. It is your responsibility to seek guidance from the SOUSA Office if in any doubt; misunderstanding or misapprehension will not be accepted as cause for dispensation from any regulation, deadline, program, or degree requirement.

To be eligible for a B.A. & Sc., you must fulfil all Faculty degree and program requirements as indicated in the following sections:

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2022-2023 (last updated Feb. 7, 2022) (disclaimer)
Bachelor of Arts & Science—2022-2023 (last updated Feb. 7, 2022) (disclaimer)
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