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Engineering Internship Program

Engineering Internship Program

Employers value experience. Internships (four, eight, twelve, or sixteen months) allow you to gain professional work experience during the course of your undergraduate studies while earning a salary within the average range for entry-level professional positions. Other benefits include the following:

  • Improved employment prospects upon graduation, often at a higher starting salary
  • The opportunity to explore career options prior to graduation
  • The opportunity to develop communication and technical skills and to acquire a business perspective that cannot be learned in school

An internship may begin in January, May, or September. Employers choose the most suitable students for their organization through an application and interview process. While employed by the participating companies, you work on assignments related to your field of study. Internships will be recognized on your transcript as one or more non-credit courses entitled “Industrial Practicum”. Successful completion of an internship of eight months or more qualifies you to graduate with the Internship Program designation on your transcript.

Student Eligibility

Student Eligibility

To participate in the Engineering Internship Program, you must:

  • have a CGPA of 2.00 or higher;
  • be in good financial standing with the University;
  • obtain approval from the Engineering Career Centre before registering for or starting your internship;
  • be registered full-time in your program before and after your internship;
  • remain a degree candidate while on internship;
  • return to complete your undergraduate degree at McGill, with a minimum of 12 credits remaining in your program after your internship (i.e., you are not allowed to complete your degree during your internship).

Internship students will receive an automatic extension for the completion of their studies.

International students are eligible (a few restrictions may apply).

For more information, see or send an email to [at]

Important Information:
  • While on internship, you are expected to complete any deferrals you may have been granted, regardless of the location of the internship. If you do not write a deferred exam as scheduled, you will receive a final grade of J. The J grade will calculate as a failure in both the TGPA and CGPA.
  • International students must ensure that their health coverage remains in force during their internship.
  • During your time as an intern, you are not considered to be in full-time status. Your government loans will become due and payable within the prescribed grace period (usually six months).
  • If you have a scholarship, please check with the administrator of the scholarship for information on eligibility (you will not be a full-time student during the internship).
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