Signing-In for a Classmate

Photo by Claudio Calligaris

You are enrolled in a high enrolment course where the instructor requires the class to sign-in at the weekly seminars (on a form or by clicker); attendance is graded. A classmate is unable to attend this week and asks you to sign in for him. You believe the reason for the absence is valid and each seminar is only worth one point, so you sign-in for your classmate. Have you violated the Code?



Why is this an issue?

Illnesses or other personal matters can be legitimate reasons for absence without penalty of grade. The instructor is responsible for evaluating an absence request and/or making a grade accommodation for an absence. Signing-in a classmate gives an unfair academic advantage to that student and misrepresents the fact of his absence.

An interview with a disciplinary officer will be required. See theĀ Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures in the Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities for more details.

How can it be avoided?

Instructors and TAs should explain to students the procedures and circumstances for an absence request. Rather than agreeing to sign in for your classmate, you could suggest the student contact the TA or instructor.

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