Your Homework, Your Responsibility

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You mention to a TA that your significant other did your lab reports, since they took the course the year before. Have you violated the Code?



Why is this an issue?

Students learn from doing course work and applying their knowledge. Instructors work hard to design course work from which students can benefit, so students cheat themselves out of their education when they don’t complete their own course work. It is also unethical to present someone else’s work as your own.

An interview with the disciplinary officer will be required. See the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures in the Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities for more details.

How can it be avoided?

Instructors and TAs should explain to students the benefits of completing their own course work and make clear the learning objectives of every assignment. If a student is presenting someone else’s course work as their own, the matter will be documented by the TA and reported to the instructor who will contact the appropriate disciplinary officer.

Quick Fact

What's wrong with photocopying textbooks and course packs so I can seel them at a lower cost? Everybody wins, right?

The resources are not yours to sell; the rights of the author, instructor and/or publisher must be respected.

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- Goot, D. (2002, September 10). Thin line splits cheating, smarts. Wired. Retrieved from web.
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