Residence COVID-19 FAQ

Student privacy while living in residence

It is important for parents of residence students to note that in accordance with Quebec laws, we are unable to disclose student information for the duration of their stay in residence.

We cannot confirm or deny whether a particular student is living in our residences nor can we give updates on their whereabouts.

If a friend or family member does not know how to reach the student or if they don’t know the student’s residence/room number, we are not authorized to release this information.

It is essential that parents and loved ones have the student’s phone number or email address before dropping them off at residence; the students are considered adults in the eyes of the law and are thereby afforded the right to privacy.

If you are concerned because you cannot reach your student, we will inform you that if your student lives in residence, we will let them know that you are looking for them.

If you are visiting your student, make sure you know how to contact them once you arrive as we will not contact them for you.

Keep in mind that students living in residence generally have a packed schedule and they may not contact you as frequently as you would prefer; we suggest setting up a calling schedule that works for both of you. We understand that this can be a transitional period which requires some adjusting. Rest assured that your student has a great support system while living in residence thanks to Floor Fellows, Residence Life Managers, the Residence Life Team, and Security. 

The health and safety of the students is our top priority.

For questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact The deanofstudents [at] (Office of the Dean of Students) 514-398-4990 or the housing.residences [at] (Student Housing and Dining Service Center) 514-398-6368.

For after work hours emergencies please contact McGill Security: 514-398-3000.




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