Qiuyu Jiang

Email: qiuyu.jiang [at] mail.mcgill.ca

Research Interests: Anthropology of Development, Anthropology of Medicine, Transnational Migration, Space/Place, China-Africa 

Project Title: The New Merchants of Canton: African Migrants in Guangzhou, China

Project Description: My doctoral research examines the importance of social networks among African migrants in Guangzhou, China’s biggest manufacturing centre in the southern coast. I look at how these Africans sustain their large-scale, long-distance migration by navigating in various aspects of their lives in China: business, religious activities, legal aspects (visas), and cyber space. 

Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Hyde

Previous Education: 

M.A Anthropology, Renmin University of China; 

Dual BA Hon. Ethnology & Ecology, The Central University of Nationalities, Beijing.