Student Members


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Blouin, Philippe

PhD candidate;

Sailing Down Parallel Streams: an Anthropology of Alliance through Separation in Haudenosaunee Political Philosophy

Couture, Daisy

MA Student;

Somatoform disorder, uncertainty

Cuéllar Gempeler, M

PhD candidate; 

The migration of others: an ethnography on the experience of ‘staying’ in Southwest Boyacá (Colombia)

De Musso, F.

PhD candidate;

Re-Branded: Food, Market, and Diversity in the Pre-Pyrenees

Ferrer, Lluis


Mountain pastures, shepherding practices, and reintroduced brown bears in the French Pyrenees

Fleischmann, Adam

PhD candidate;

Knowledge and politics in an era of climate change: bridging the gap between science and action

Fox, Graham


Images, uncertainties, and success stories: the politics of conservation in Laikipia North, Kenya

Gomez, Camilo

PhD candidate;

The Value of the Sacred: Extraction of Natural Resources in Indigenous Territories in the Colombian Amazon Geographic Focus: Latin America

Keen, A

PhD candidate;

From ”les étrangers to autochtones”. The building of a Mbororo town in East Cameroon

Kirigia, E.K.

PhD candidate;

Privatisation in the Postcolony: Land subdivision and its implications for pastoral livelihoods and biodiversity conservation in Narok County


Mitchell, Kit.

PhD candidate;

Chemical Confessions: Community stigma and HIV Prevention in a Secularizing Ireland

Laliberté, V PhD candidate;  
Pons Raga, Ferran

PhD candidate;

Revaluing the Land, Greeneering the Landscapes. (In)compatible Interplays among Alpine Skiing, Environmental Conservation, and Extensive Farming in the Catalan High Pyrenees

Rasiulis, Nicolas

PhD candidate;

Stewardship Meets Conservation: Reindeer Pastoralists’ Ways of Life, Environmental Protection, and Avenues of Collaboration in Northern Mongolia

Raycraft, Justin

PhD candidate;

The Changing Social and Political Landscapes of Human-Wildlife Interactions in Northern Tanzania


PhD student;

Where water-worlds converge: Biocultural Baseline Mapping in the Bayano-Maje Watershed, Panama

Vieth, R

PhD candidate;

Proving Faith: Conversion in an English Asylum Tribunal

Wald, Jonathan

PhD candidate;

Eco-Horror: Facing Climate Change in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Yepez Arroyo,
M. C.

PhD candidate;

Seguir siendo/To continue to be: confinement, expulsion, and the struggle to remain in place in Ecuador

Seagle, C


Destroying Nature to Save It? Mining, Conservation and Sustainability in Madagascar

Strand, Katherine

PhD candidate;

How to Make the Desert Bloom: An Ethnographic and Historical Account of Dryland Agriculture Within Palliser’s Triangle

Zora, S

MA student;

Threading knowledge: Sihr and divination practices in contemporary Kuwait





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