Student Members


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Barber, Nicholas

PhD candidate;
Baka Representation: Rights, Videomaking, and Indigenous Identity in Southeast Cameroon
Research Interests: Indigenous Media, Indigenous Identity, African Indigenous Cultures, Visual Anthropology

nicholas.barber [at] (Email)

Dolan, Jessica

PhD candidate;
transmission of environmental knowledge, traditional environmental knowledge and identity, ecological anthropology

jessica.dolan [at] (Email)

Donaldson, Emily

PhD candidate;
Resource Management and Meaning in the Marquesas Islands
Heritage, natural and cultural resources, sustainability, cultural landscapes, land stewardship, indigenous peoples, place

emily.donaldson [at] (Email)

Ferrer, Lluís 

PhD student;

Political dimensions of ecological relations in the French pyrenees

lluis.ferrer [at] (Email)

Friesen, Joshua 

PhD candidate;

Company Towns and Contemporary Outposts; Economic and Social Development in Two Quebecois Cities

joshua.friesen [at] (Email)

El-Dardiry, Giulia

PhD candidate;
A place of hospitable engagements: Displacement, integration and livelihoods of Iraqi refugees in Jordan
Forced displacement; Iraq; Transnationalism; hospitality; place and belonging 

giulia.eldardiry [at] (Email)

Gaudette, Pascal

PhD candidate;
“Jembe”, globalization, world music, mediation, cultural brokerage, ethnography, Guinea, Mande, authenticity, power, performance, cultural tourism, cosmopolitanism.

pascal_gaudette [at] (Email)

Godfrey, Kathleen 

 MA Student

"Exploring conservation practice and meaning in Olkiramatian and Shompole group ranches, Kajiado County"

kathleen.godfrey [at] (Email)
Gomez, Camilo

PhD Student

"The Value of the Sacred: Extraction of Natural Resources in Indigenous Territories in the Colombian Amazon"
Geographic Focus: Latin America

camilo.gomez [at] (Email)

Glassco, Jennifer

PhD candidate;
"Beyond an African Youth Crisis: Livelihood Strategies and Youth Culture in Kajiado County, Kenya"
Research Interests: Youth employment, Globalization, Identity politics, Dryland systems/Pastoralism, Anthropology of development.

jennifer.glassco [at] (Email)

Jiang, Qiuyu

PhD candidate;

The New Merchants of Canton: African Migrants in Guangzhou, China

qiuyu.jiang [at] (Email)

Kalman, Ian

PhD Candidate;
Transnational Narratives of Indigenous Expression at the US/Canadian Border
Borders, Indigenous Rights, Community, Bureaucracy, Anthropology of Law

ian.kalman [at] (Email)

Keen, Anne-Elise

PhD candidate;
Mbororo women on the move: Alienation and the reconstruction of identity in an urban milieu.
Pastoralist/Cultivator conflicts, rural-urban migration, Cameroon, economic anthropology, social capital.

anne-elise.keen [at] (Email)

Messier, Philippe

PhD candidate;
Media anthropology; visual anthropology; economic anthropology; media, technology and social change; marketplaces; representation 

philippe.messier3 [at] (Email)

Pineda, Carolina

PhD candidate;
Ethnography, chronic illness, politics of health, critical disability studies, gender studies, narrative, Canada, Quebec.

carolina.pineda [at] (Email)

Pons Raga, Ferran

PhD student;

On resorts and parks. Urban tourism policies reshaping the rural

ferran.ponsraga [at] (Email)

Rathee, Vineet

Politics, Caste and the Village: Making of a Region in North India

vineet.rathee [at] (Email)

Raycraft, Justin 

PhD Student;

An ethnographic study of changing land use and livelihood practices in the Kwakuchinja Wildlife Corridor, Tanzania

justin.raycraft [at] (Email)

Reyes Maturano, Ivet

PhD candidate;
A Study of Modernity in the Upper Watershed of Los Cajonos Area of the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, Mexico concentrating in two villages, Yalalag and Santiago Zoochila, and how their demographic exodus has shaped their ecological and cultural landscapes

ivet.reyesmaturano [at] (Email)

Rigillo, Nicole

PhD candidate;
From Vicious to Virtuous Cycle: Corporate Investments in Women for Social Change in Bangalore
Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender, Biopolitics, Global Health, History of the Welfare State

nicole.rigillo [at] (Email)

Scott, Katherine

PhD candidate;
Eastern James Bay Cree , specifically Wemindji, QC; forest fire and post-fire ecology in the subarctic; boreal forest/taiga, ethnoecology, interactions of traditional and western scientific knowledge, collaborative research partnerships, forest management, protected areas, local knowledge of resources and cultural landscapes.

katherine.scott [at] (Email)

Silva, Amber Lee
PhD candidate;
The Selective Modernity of a Global Enclave: The Religious Segregation of the Russian Old Believer Diaspora
Russian Orthodoxy, Anabaptism, self-segregation, religious enclaves, purity and pollution, diaspora, migration
amberleesilva [at] (Email)
Sinclair, Katherine
PhD candidate;
Policy and Local Engagement: Mining in Arctic Canada
Arctic Canada, resource extraction policy, Inuit land use and identity, northern/southern Canadian relations, Nunavut

katherine.sinclair [at] (Email)

Thomassin, Annick

PhD candidate;
Northern Australia (Torres Strait); Co-management of marine environments; Collaboration and conflicts over marine resource uses and management, interaction between indigenous and scientific knowledge.

annick.thomassin [at] (Email)

Wright, V. Corey PhD candidate;
Biodiversity dilemmas: indigenous rights and environmental justice in a changing climate and a relentless global economy.
Anthropology of development, political ecology, pastoralism, property systems, natural resource management, and conservation discourses.


victor.wright [at] (Email)