The Centre for Society, Technology and Development (STANDD) is a transdisciplinary research institution founded in 1990 at McGill University to foster scholarship on the socio-cultural, technological, and environmental aspects of international development.

Our mission is to provide a hub for local and visiting scholars to share research approaches and engage in learning opportunities that can improve community-based partnerships globally. We support opportunities for our members to present research findings with both scientific and policy significance to international scholars, local communities, and policy-makers. STANDD’s current research program supports collaborations with Indigenous nations, local organizations, and communities. Our members respond to diverse issues that affect: community health, social welfare, rights, territories, and knowledge systems.

Together with local partners, STANDD members seek to valorize and apply local knowledges in order to identify effective solutions to global issues pertaining to environmental protection, resource extraction conflicts, land tenure, and human rights.

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