Speaker Series

STandD hosts a Speaker Series that includes lectures from faculty members and students within the McGill community, and advanced scholars from international universities. The STandD speaker series is held on Fridays 12:30 — 2:30 pm.

In Fall of 2021, Leadership for the Ecozoic (L4E) transitioned to the Department of Anthropology. Continuing its monthly webinar tradition, L4E has become a collaborator with the STandD speaker series. L4E’s “Ethics for the Ecozoic” series is held the first Friday of the month and aims to collectively discover paths to new ethics and narratives needed to reach the Ecozoic, defined by mutually-enhancing human-Earth relationships. The L4E's Ethics for the Ecozoic Series is held on Fridays 1:00 to 2:30 pm.

Attendance will take place in room 116, Peterson Hall, 3460 Rue McTavish and virtually via ZOOM.



Past Events (Winter 2023)

January 27th, Revitalizing Indigenous and Afro-Descendant Law(s) and Justice Systems in Colombia through Innovation, Alliances and Institutional Dialogue: Caring for nuestra casa grande, our collective big house

  •  Héctor Jaime Vinasco (Resguardo Indígena de Orígen Colonial Cañamomo Lomaprieta)
  • Leidy Lorena Mina, (Palenke Alto Cauca - Proceso de Comunidades Negras) 
  • Viviane Weitzner, (Adjunct Professor, Anthropology; Research Fellow, CICADA/L4E)   


Past Events (Fall 2022)

December 5th,

  • Hernando Chindoy, legal representative of the AWAI Territorial Entity of the Inga Indigenous People, and co-leader of the Indigenous Biocultural University initiative in the Andean-Amazonian region of Colombia.
  • Ida Theilade, Professor in ethnobotany and forest governance at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Kathrin Wessendorf, IWGIA’s Executive Director (International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs).


Past Events (Spring 2022)

April 8th, Dr. Scott Simon, Professor, University of Ottawa. Title: Indigenous Nations in a Contested State: An Anthropology of Geopolitics on Formosa and in Taiwan.

April 22nd, J. Alonso Gamarra, PhD Candidate, McGill University. Title: Learning To Live: Food, Belonging, and Imagining Change in Neoliberal Peru.


Past Events (Fall 2021)

October 8th, Dr. Daniel Ruiz-Serna, Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia; Acts of Listening Lab, Concordia University. Title: Rot, Feral Animals and Dispossession: Images of the Afterlives of War in Colombia

October 29th, Dr. Erica Lagalisse, Research fellow, International Inequalities Institute of the London School of Economics; Visiting academic at the Anarchism Research Group at Loughborough University. Title: Marxism and Anthropology: An Ethnography of ‘Class’ and ‘Identity.’

November 5th, (L4E's Ethics for the Ecozoic Series 1:00-2:30pm), Dr. Eglee Zent, Visiting professor (Gund MacMillan Scholar, Fall 2021) at Vermont University. Title: Conservation, Indigenous Knowledge, and the Ethics of Collaboration.

November 19th, Dr. Esteban Acuña, Researcher at the Instituto Caro y Cuervo (Colombia). Title: Translocal lives and journeys: Mobilities, connections and places in the trajectories of Romani families across and beyond the Atlantic.

November 26th, Nicolas Rasiulis, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, McGill University. Title: Utopic Magician: a Cursory, Cynical History of our Sci-Fi Present.

December 10th, Philippe Blouin, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, McGill University. Title: For the Children Lost and Yet to Come: Restitution and the Indigenous Genocide.


Past Events (Winter 2021)

February 5th, Nicolas Rasiulis, PhD., McGill. Title: The Continuity and Mutability of a Historical Mosaic: Economic Diversification among Mongolian Reindeer Herders.

February 12th, Alex Oehler, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Regina. Title: The Care Work of Life Apportionment.

February 19th, Julie Laplante, Full Professor, Sociological and Anthropological Studies, uOttawa. Title: Plant Calling – The Joy of Bassinglègè Forest, Cameroon

March 12th, Kariuki Kirigia, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, McGill University. Title: Disciplining Pastoral Livelihoods: Losing land to gain conservation? A question for the racial Capitalocene.

March 19th, Björn Reichhardt, Doctoral Researcher, Department of Archaeogenetics, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History & PhD Student, Central Asian Seminar, Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt-University of Berlin. Title: Dairy Cultures: Milk Fermentation, Heritage and Microbial Biogeographies in Mongolia.

March 26th, Greta Semplici, Max Weber Fellow, Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute. Title: Moving Deserts - exploring the links between mobility and resilience from the case of Turkana herders in the northern Kenyan drylands.

April 9th, Élise Imray Papineau, PhD Candidate, Languages and Social Sciences, Griffith University. Title: Unpacking the activist-researcher dilemma: Perspectives from Australia in navigating precarity, security, and responsibility among grassroots activists

April 16th, Justin Raycraft, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, McGill University. Title: The emergence of community support for conservation in the Maasai Steppe, Tanzania.


Past Events (Fall 2020)

October 23rd, Pedagogies for the Anthropocene/Ecozoic: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue. 

  • Drs. Peter Brown & Dina Spigelski, Title: From the Anthropocene to the Ecozoic.
  • Dr. Colin Scott, Title: Decolonial Epistemologies for Indigenous Territories of Life.
  • Dr. John Galaty, Title:Community Conservation and Local Livelihoods: The Institutional Canopy of Conservation (I-CAN) Project and its Findings 

November 6th, Lisa Francesca Rail, M.A., McGill, Title: Common (Alpine) practice-on the use of public pastures in highland Kyrgyzstan and Central Europe.

November 27th, Nicolas Rasiulis, PhD Candidate, McGill, Title: Brilliant and Setting: Plotting a near-Microcosm of the Tannu Uriankhai Girdle.


Past Events (Winter 2020)

January 17th, Majd Al-shihabi, Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellow, Creative Commons, Title: My Grandmother is my Archive: Open Source Software and Democracy in Archival Practice.


Past Events (Fall 2019)

October 25th, Patricia Kubala, PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley , Title: Ecstatic Anthropology, For the Living and For the Dead: A Lecture-Discussion in Dialogue with Willerslev and Suhr’s “Is There A Place for Faith in Anthropology?”

November 1st, AAA 2019 presentations with peer commentaries:

  • Jessica Cadoch, Title: Psychedelics and the Ebb and Flow of Power Relations in the Therapeutic Milieu.

  • Vanessa McCuaig, Title: Refusing the Fantasy of Civil Life and the Rise of Alternative Engagements to the State: Sovereign Citizen Politics in Alberta.
  • Lisa Francesca Rail, Title: Resilience, Resistance, Tenacity – Open Pastures and the Afterlife of Socialist Institutions.

  • Jonathan Wald, Title: Strategic Morals: Ethical Experimentation in Brazilian Climate Governance.

November 8th, Vanessa McCuaig, M.A., McGill, Title: "Corporative Fictions" and Strawmen Pseudolaw in the Alberta Court.

November 15th, Eimear Mc Loughlin, PhD Candidate, University of Exeter, Title: Nothing to Hide: Transparency in Animal Slaughter in Denmark.

November 29th, Guillaume Dandurand, Postdoctoral Fellow, Université de Sherbrooke, Title: The Techno-Politics of Food Security in Delhi: Actors, Things, and the Production of Arbitrariness.


Past Events (Winter 2019)

January 18th, Sultan Doughan, PhD, UC Berkeley, Title: From Atonement to Tolerance: The Paradox of Citizenship and Religious Difference in Post-Holocaust Germany.

January 25th, Corey Wright, PhD Candidate, McGill, Title: New "conservation" in Tanzania & the precariousness of living with elephants.

February 15th, Prof. Alex Boudreault-Fournier, University of Victoria.

March 22nd, Mónica Cuéllar Gempeler, PhD Candidate, McGill.


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