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Anthropology Department Event List (Fall 2020)

November 6th, Lisa Francesca Rail (M.A. McGill), Title: Common (Alpine) Practices: On the use of Public Pastures in Highland Kyrgyzstan and Central Europe, STandD Speaker Series.

November 9th, Arthur Kleinman (Harvard), Title: On 'The Soul of Care', Visiting Speaker Series.

November 11th, Remote Teaching Brainstorming Session (For graduate students teaching in Winter 2021)

November 13th, Department Welcome Event/Meet-and-Greet.

November 18th, Kathleen Rice (McGill CRC-II, MED. Anthropology of Primary Care)-Related to request for Associate Member Status in Anthropology, McGill.

November 20th, Carol Ferrera (Emerson College), Title: On Islam and Education in France.

November 27th, Nicolas Rasiulis (PhD. Candidate), Title: Setting and Plot: Constitution and Contestation of Borders and Borderland Practices in the Tannu Uriankhai Girdle, STandD Speaker Series.

December 4th, Joseph Gone (Harvard), Title: On 'Re/Counting Coup: Communicatng Indigenous Vitality in the Age of Historical Trauma'.



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