Associates & Postdoctoral Fellows


Name Description Contact
Grégoire, Étienne Roy Regulatory regimes in the mining sector, particularly in Canada and Latin America eroyg046 [at] (Email)
Landry, Jean-Michel Islam; secularism; law, and ethics; political anthropology of religion jean-michel.landry [at] (Email)
Steven Schnoor

CICADA Senior Research Associate;

Participatory video; democrac and development discourses; neoliberal regimes of capital accumulation; politics of engagement; resistance to Canadian mining in the Global South

steven.schnoor [at] (Email)
Viviane Weitzner

CICADA Senior Program Advisor;

Indigenous and Afro-Descendant rights and extractives in the Americas; Indigenous perspectives to free, prior and informed consent

viviane.weitzner [at] (Email)
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