Joshua Friesen

Joshua Friesen

Ph.D candidate, Anthropology

E-mail: joshua.friesen [at] 


Research Interests: Development Studies; Urban Development; Political Anthropology; Urban Form
Project Title: Company Towns and Contemporary Outposts; Economic and Social Development in Two Quebecois Cities
Geographic Focus: Québec
Project Description:
My doctoral research analyzes how governmental and industrial development schemes affected and continued to affect two urban communities in Québec. My dissertation is an ethnographic, spatial, and historical study of urban development, economic ideologies, differing conceptions of urban resiliency and sustainability, and the changing relationship between geography, government, and local politics in Alma and Saint-Georges, Quebec.
Supervisor: Philip Carl Salzman
Previous Education:
BA (honours) in Anthropology from the University of Calgary and a MA in Anthropology from McGill University
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