Tania Janaudis-Ferreira

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor

Tania Janaudis-Ferreira
Contact Information

Mailing Address: 3630 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

Building: Hosmer House 3630 Prom Sir-William-Osler

514 398 5326
Email address: 
tania.janaudis-ferreira [at] mcgill.ca
Associate Professor in the PT program

Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy - Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas, Brazil; 

Specialization in Respiratory Physiotherapy- Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Master’s in Physiotherapy - Dept. of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Umeå University, Sweden; 

PhD in Physiotherapy – Dept. of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, Umeå University, Sweden; 


Teaching areas: 

PHTH-652: Integrated Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation


Current research: 

The overarching goal of Prof. Janaudis-Ferreira's research program is to optimize rehabilitation care in individuals with chronic disease to improve physical function, quality of life and morbidity. There are two main patient populations in which she is leading studies in rehabilitation: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and solid organ transplant (SOT) candidates and recipients. Within this main focus, her research program comprises two interrelated themes: 1) Improving uptake of rehabilitation by patients with COPD and 2) developing and evaluating new rehabilitation and physical activity interventions for SOT candidates and recipients.

Prof. Janaudis-Ferreira is a co-founder of the Canadian Network for Rehabilitation and Exercise for Solid Organ Transplant Optimal Recovery (https://canrestore.wordpress.com)

Prof. Janaudis-Ferreira is currently accepting graduate students (MSc and PhD) and post-doctoral fellows (upon availability of funds).

Research Areas: 

Physical Rehabilitation


Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Clinical Research

Knowledge Translation

Selected publications: 

See current publications list at Pubmed: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Janaudis-Ferreira


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