Nancy Mayo

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Nancy Mayo
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Building: Royal Victoria Hospital

Mailing Address: 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

514-934-1934 Ext 36922
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nancy.mayo [at]
James McGill Professor
Room 4.29

BSc (Phys Ther), MSc, PhD (Epidemiology & Biostatistics) (McGill)


Current research: 

Prof. Mayo is a health outcomes, health services, and population health researcher with interests in all aspects of disability and quality of life in people with chronic diseases and the elderly. She currently has research projects in Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, seniors' health, stroke, hip fracture and HIV. In all these areas, she focuses on the measurement of health outcomes, the application of modern statistical methods, and knowledge translation.


Selected publications: 

Auais M*, Morin S, Nadeau L, Finch L and Mayo N. (2013). Changes in frailty-related characteristics of the hip fracture population and their implications for healthcare services: evidence from Quebec, Canada. Osteoporos Int, 24(10):2713-24.

Asano M*, Duquette P, Andersen R, Lapierre Y and Mayo N.E. (2013). Exercise barriers and preferences among women and men with multiple sclerosis. Disabil Rehabil, 35(5):353-61.

Mayo NE, Bronstein D, Scott SC, Finch LE and Miller S. (2013). Necessary and sufficient causes of participation post-stroke: practical and philosophical perspectives. Qual Life Res, 23(1):39-47.

M Rodriguez A*, Mayo NE and Gagnon B. (2013). Independent contributors to overall quality of life in people with advanced cancer. Br J Cancer, 108:1790-1800.

Mayo NE, Asano M* and Barbic S*. (2013). When is a research question not a research question. J Rehabil Med, 45:417-422.

Mayo NE, MacKay-Lyons MJ, Scott SC, Moriello C and Brophy J. (2013). A randomized trial of two home-based exercise programmes to improve functional walking post-stroke. Clinical Rehabilitation, 27:659-671.

Mayo NE, Hum S* and Kuspinar A*. (2012). Methods and measure: what's new for MS? Mult Scler, 18:(11).

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