Matthew Hunt

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Associate Professor

Matthew Hunt
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Building: Hosmer House, 3630 prom Sir-William-Osler

Mailing Address: 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

514-398-4400 Ext 00289
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matthew.hunt1 [at]
Director of Research; Chercheur régulier, C.R.I.R. (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en Réadaptation) du Montréal métropolitain

Post-doctoral fellow, Centre for Research on Ethics, University of Montreal (2009-11)
Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics of McMaster University (2008-11)
PhD in Experimental Medicine - McGill
MSc in Experimental Medicine (Specialization in Bioethics) - McGill
BSc in Physical Therapy - McGill

Teaching areas: 

POTH-616 Seminars in Rehabilitation Science: Introduction to Qualitative Rehabilitation Research
Responsible for ethics teaching across the undergraduate and professional Master’s OT and PT curricula

Current research: 

Research Interests:

Ethics of rehabilitation care and institutions
Global health ethics
Humanitarian health ethics
Disability and health equity
Empirical bioethics

Currently funded research:

Ethics of closing humanitarian projects (RRSPQ)

Humanitarian innovation and ethics (HIF, SNIS)

Disability policy (Edith Strauss)

Train-the-trainer approaches for global health rehabilitation (Edith Strauss)

Experiences of refugees with disabilities (SSHRC)

Professional activities: 


Associate Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
Director of Research, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
Researcher, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation
Associate Member, Biomedical Ethics Unit
Associate Member, Institute for Health and Social Policy
Associate Member, Division of Experimental Medicine

Associate Member, Department of Family Medicine


Selected publications: 

Hudon, Anne*, Debbie Feldman, Matthew Hunt. (2019). Tensions living out professional values for physical therapists treating injured workers. Qualitative Health Research.29(6): 868-875.

Hunt, Matthew, Nicole Pal, Lisa Schwartz, Donal O’Mathuna (2018). Ethical challenges in the provision of mental health services for children and families during disasters. Current Psychiatry Reports. 20(60):1-10.

Blackburn, Emilie, Evelyne Durocher*, Debbie Ehrmann Feldman, Anne Hudon*, Maude Laliberté, Barbara Mazer, Matthew Hunt. (2018). Supporting, promoting, respecting and advocating: A scoping study of rehabilitation professionals’ responses to patient autonomy. Canadian Journal of Bioethics.1(3):22-34.

Tansey, Cathy, John Pringle*, Anushree Davé*, Renaud Boulanger*, Matthew Hunt. (2018). Earthquakes to floods: A scoping review of health-related disaster research in low- and middle-income countries. PLoS Currents Disasters. Aug 30.

Hudon, Anne*, Matthew Hunt, Debbie Feldman. (2018). Physiotherapy for injured workers in Canada: are insurers’ and clinics’ policies threatening good quality and equity of care? Results of a qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research. 18(682):1-13

Hunt, Matthew, Ani Chénier, Kevin Bezanson, Carrie Bernard, Sonya de Laat, Gautham Krishnaraj, Lisa Schwartz. (2018). Moral experiences of humanitarian health professionals caring for patients who are dying or likely to die in a humanitarian crisis. Journal of International Humanitarian Action. 3(12): 1-13

Nouvet, Elysée, Mollie Sivaram, Kevin Bezanson, Gautham Krishnaraj, Matthew Hunt, Sonya de Laat, Stephanie Sanger, Laura Banfield, Pedro Rodriguez, Lisa Schwartz. (2018). Palliative care in humanitarian crises: a review of the literature. Journal of International Humanitarian Action. 3:5 (1-14)

Hudon, Anne*, Maude Laliberté, Kadija Perreault, Debbie Feldman, Barbara Mazer, Bryn Williams-Jones, Emilie Blackburn, Matthew Hunt. (2018). Supporting ethics educators in Canadian occupational therapy and physiotherapy programs: A national interprofessional knowledge exchange program. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 32(4): 452-462.

Laliberté, Maude, Debbie Feldman, Bryn Williams-Jones, and Matthew Hunt. (2018). Operationalizing wait lists: Strategies and experiences in three hospital outpatient physiotherapy departments in Montreal. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. 34(11): 872-881.

Descoteaux Nancy*, Valérie Chagnon*, Xin Dong *, Eric Ellemo *, Alessandra Hamelin *, Evans Juste *, Xavier Laplante *, Allison Miron*, Philippe Morency*, Katherine Samuel *, David Charles and Matthew Hunt. (2018). Expanding the Haitian rehabilitation workforce: employment situation and perceptions of graduates from three rehabilitation technician training programs. Disability and Rehabilitation. 40(10): 1227-1236.

Tansey, Cathy, James Anderson, Renaud Boulanger*, Lisa Eckenwiler, John Pringle*, Lisa Schwartz and Matthew Hunt (2017). Familiar ethical issues amplified: how research ethics committee members view the difference between disaster and non-disaster research. BMC MedicalEthics.18:44.

Eckenwiler, Lisa and Matthew Hunt. (2017). Health and security: ethical principles for counter-terror policy and practice in protection crises and beyond. Medicine, Conflict and Survival.33(1): 18-31.

Laliberté, Maude, Barbara Mazer, Tatiana Orosco, Gevorg Chilingaryan, Bryn Williams-Jones, Matthew Hunt and Debbie Feldman. (2017). Low back pain: An investigation of biases in outpatient Canadian physical therapy. Physical Therapy. 97(10):985-997.

Laliberté, Maude, Bryn Williams-Jones, Debbie Feldman and Matthew Hunt. (2017). Ethical challenges for patient access to physical therapy: Views of staff members from three publicly funded outpatient physical therapy departments. Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics. 7(2):157-169.

Durocher, Evelyne*, Ryoa Chung, Jean-Hugues Henrys, Catherine Olivier, Christiane Rochon, Matthew Hunt. (2017). Ethical questions identified in a study of local and expatriate responders’ perspectives of vulnerability in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Journal of Medical Ethics.43:613-617.

Orozco, Tatiana, Debbie Feldman, Barbara Mazer, Gevorg Chilingaryan, Matthew Hunt, Bryn Williams-Jones, Maude Laliberté. (2017). Low back pain: Current patterns for Canadian physiotherapy service delivery. Physiotherapy Canada. 69(1):49-56.


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