Matthew Hunt

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Associate Professor

Matthew Hunt
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Building: Hosmer House, 3630 prom Sir-William-Osler

Mailing Address: 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

514-398-4400 Ext 00289
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matthew.hunt1 [at]
Associate Professor; Chercheur régulier, C.R.I.R. (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en Réadaptation) du Montréal métropolitain

Post-doctoral fellow, Centre for Research on Ethics, University of Montreal
Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics of McMaster University
PhD in Experimental Medicine - McGill
MSc in Experimental Medicine (Specialization in Bioethics) - McGill
BSc in Physical Therapy - McGill

Teaching areas: 

POTH-616 Seminars in Rehabilitation Science: Introduction to Qualitative Rehabilitation Research

Ethics teaching across the undergraduate and professional Master’s OT and PT curricula

Current research: 

Research Interests:

Ethics of rehabilitation care and institutions
Humanitarian practice and policy
Disability and health equity


Professional activities: 


Associate Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy

Researcher, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation

Member, Centre for Research on Ethics

Responsable d'axe Éthique, Réseau de recherche en santé des populations du Québec
Associate Member, Biomedical Ethics Unit
Associate Member, Institute for Health and Social Policy
Associate Member, Division of Experimental Medicine

Associate Member, Department of Family Medicine


Selected publications: 

Orozco, Tatiana, Debbie Feldman, Barbara Mazer, Bryn Williams-Jones, Matthew Hunt, Maude Laliberté. (2021). Service provision decisions for clients with low back pain: Perspectives of Canadian physiotherapy professionals. Physiotherapy Canada. 73(1):47-55.

Hunt, Matthew, Stephen Clarke, Raphael Lencucha. (2021). When a patient’s choice entails risks for others: third party risks, relational ethics and responsibilities of rehabilitation professionals. Disability and Rehabilitation. 43(6):870-876.

Hunt, Matthew, Elysée Nouvet, Ani Chénier, Gautham Krishnaraj, Carrie Bernard, Kevin Bezanson, Sonya de Laat, Lisa Schwartz. (2020). Addressing obstacles to the inclusion of palliative care in humanitarian health projects: a qualitative study of humanitarian health professionals’ and policy makers’ perceptions. Conflict and Health, 14 (70).

Hunt, Matthew, Lisa Eckenwiler, Shelley-Rose Hyppolite, John Pringle, Nicole Pal, Ryoa Chung. (2020). Closing well: National and international humanitarian workers’ perspectives on the ethics of closing humanitarian projects. Journal of International Humanitarian Action. 5 (16).

Ormel, Ilja, Jon Salsberg, Matthew Hunt, Alison Doucet, Lisa Hinton, Ann Macaulay, Susan Law (2020). Key issues for participatory research in the design and implementation of humanitarian aid: a scoping review. Global Health Action. 13(1).

Cleaver, Shaun, Matthew Hunt, Gillian Bond, Raphael Lencucha (2020). Disability Focal Point Persons and policy implementation across sectors: A qualitative examination of stakeholder perspectives in Zambia. Frontiers in Public Health. 8(496):1-8.

Cleaver, Shaun, Matthew Hunt, Raphael Lencucha, Gillian Bond (2020). Zambian disability policy stakeholder perspectives on the ways that international initiatives are reflected in domestic disability policies. Southern African Journal of Policy and Development. 5(1):5

Hunt, Matthew, Ramasubramanian Ponnusamy, Anik Goulet, Chamila Anthonypillai, Sankar Sahayraj, Aravind Bharathwaj, Aliki Thomas, Philippe Archambault, Crystal Garnett, Caroline Storr, Dinesh Krishna. An integrated knowledge translation project to develop, implement and evaluate a train-the-trainer program at a community rehabilitation program in Tamil Nadu, India. Disability and Rehabilitation. Early online.

Hunt, Matthew, Sharon O’Brien, Patrick Cadwell, Donal O’Mathuna (2020). Ethics at the Intersection of Crisis Translation and Humanitarian Innovation. Journal of Humanitarian Affairs. 1(3):29-32

Pal, Nicole, Lisa Eckenwiler, Shelley-Rose Hyppolite, John Pringle, Ryoa Chung, Matthew Hunt. (2019) Ethical considerations for closing humanitarian projects: A scoping review. Journal of International Humanitarian Action. 4: 17

O’Mathuna, Donald, Matthew Hunt. (2019). Ethics and crisis translation: Insights from the work of Paul Ricoeur. Disaster Prevention and Management. 29(2):175-186.

Gogovor, Amédé, Regina Visca, Mark Ware, Marie-France Valois, Gillian Bartlett, Matthew Hunt, Sara Ahmed (2019). Determinants of patient experience with low back pain interdisciplinary care: a pre-post interventional study. Journal of Pain Research. 12:3203-13.

Hudon, Anne, Debbie Feldman, Matthew Hunt. (2019). Tensions living out professional values for physical therapists treating injured workers. Qualitative Health Research. 29(6): 868-875.



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