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Assistant Professor (Professional)

Marie-Lyne Grenier
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Mailing address: 3630 Promenade Sir William Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

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marie-lyne.grenier [at]
Faculty Lecturer
H-103 (Hosmer House)
  • BA(Hons) Health Studies and Archaeology (Queen's University)
  • MScOT (University of Western Ontario)
  • Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (Temple University) Thesis title: The effectiveness of orthoses in the conservative management of thumb CMC joint osteoarthritis: an analysis of functional pinch strength
  • Graduate Certificate in Hand and Upper Quarter Rehabilitation (Drexel University)
  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (Temple University)
  • PhD Integrated Studies in Education (in progress) (McGill University) - Thesis title: Teaching for equity and social justice in healthcare education
Teaching areas: 


  • POTH 250 Introduction to Professional Practice
  • OCC1 545 Therapeutic Strategies in Occupational Therapy 1
  • OCC1 549 Therapeutic Strategies in Occupational Therapy 2
  • OCC1 620 Work and Ergonomics


  • OCC1 501 OT Clinical Practicum I
  • OCC1 502 OT Clinical Practicum II
  • OCC1 503 OT Clinical Practicum III
  • OCC1 602 OT Clinical Practicum IV
  • OCC1-500 OT Pre-Clinical Seminars
  • OCC1-600 OT Pre-Clinical Seminars
  • OCC1-548 Holistic Approaches in Occupational Therapy
  • POTH-635 Enabling Upper Extremity Function (Guest Lecturer)
  • PPHS-511 Fundamentals of Global Health (Guest Lecturer)
  • POTH-563 Foundations of Professional Practice (Guest Lecturer)
  • POTH-664 Neuroscience and Behavioural Perspectives of Pain (Guest Lecturer)
  • POTH-665 Interdisciplinary Management of Chronic Pain (Guest Lecturer)
  • POTH-624 Master's Project (master's projects supervisor)




** Not accepting graduate students


My current clinical practice areas include hand and upper limb rehabilitation, return to work rehabilitation, ergonomics and home assessments. 


My current research interests include liberatory-focused healthcare practice/education and the use of critical pedagogies in healthcare education. 


My office (virtual and live) is an an open space where all are welcome to share ideas. Come in and let's learn and debate together!


“Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better." - Maya Angelou


Selected publications: 


Book Chapters 

Lavalley, R., Grenier, M.L., Stanley, K. & Marsden, D. (2023). Active antiracist allyship in occupational therapy. In M.J. Ahmed-Landeryou (Ed.), Antiracist occupational therapy: unsettling the status quo (pp. ). Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Grenier, M.L. & MacLachlan, J. (2023). Documentation as a tool for oppressive violence or resistance: reconsidering the politics of documentation practices in healthcare. In J. Gingras & J. Brady (Eds.). Heath professions and social justice. University of Regina Press.


Journals (Peer Reviewed)

Grenier, M.L. (spring, 2023). [Review of the book Learning through community engagement: vision and practice in higher education, by J. Sachs and L. Clark]. McGill Journal of Education, 57(2), 1-3.

Desormeaux-Moreau, M., Collins, B., Bunting, K.L., Sack, C., Bulk, L.Y., Mahipaul, S., Grenier, M.L. & Jarus, T. (2022). Applying a critical disability studies lens to improve occupational therapy. OT Now, 25.5, 30-32.

Whalley Hammell, K., Laliberte-Rudman, D., Zafran, H., Schmidt, J., Bunting, K.L., Bulk, L.Y., Grenier, M.L., Desormeaux-Moreau, M., Lee, M., Jarus, T., Mortenson., W.B. (2022). Unbecoming change agents [Editorial]. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 1-7. Unbecoming change agents, 2022 (

MacLachlan, J. & Grenier, M.L. (2022). Accounting for our words: anti-oppressive documentation in occupational therapy practice. Occupational Therapy Now, 25, 27-30. (open access)

Caluori, C., Steinberg, E. & Grenier, M.L. (2022). Chronic migraines in working-age adults: the role of occupational therapy. OT Now, 24, 14-16.

Whalley Hammell, K., Jarus, T., Bulk, L.Y., Collins, B., Grenier, M.L., & Mahipaul, S. (2021). What can occupational therapy & disability studies contribute to each other? [Letter to the editors]. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 88(4), 279-282.

Khau, S. & Grenier, M.L. (2021). Promoting occupational engagement in adolescents and young adults living with narcolepsy. OT Now, 23(6), 14-16.

Grenier, M.L. (2021). Patient case formulations and oppressive disability discourses in occupational therapy education. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 88(3), 266-272. View associated webinar presentation here: 

Grenier, M.L., Roy, L. and Zafran, H. (2020). Pedagogical approaches in teaching for diversity in occupational therapy education: a scoping review. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 74(6), 1-15. 

Grenier, M.L. (2020). Cultural competency and the reproduction of white supremacy in occupational therapy education. Health Education Journal, 79(6),633-644. View associated webinar presentation here:

Stafford, A. and Grenier, M.L. (2020). The role of occupational therapy in supporting adults with ADD/ADHD. OT Now, 22(1), 17-18.

Thede, R. and Grenier, M.L. (2019). Promoting occupational health in children with epilepsy: The (new?) role of occupational therapy. OT Now, 21(3), 18-19.

Grenier, M.L. and Shankland, B. (2019). The use of static progressive orthoses in the management of elbow contractures following complex fracture-dislocation injuries: a pediatric case study. American Journal of Hand Therapy, 33(1), 127-133.

Chinchalkar, S.J., Larocerie-Salgado, J., Cepek, J. and Grenier, M.L.. (2018). The Use of Dynamic Assist Orthosis for Muscle Re-Education Following Brachial Plexus Injury and Reconstruction. Journal of Hand and Microsurgery, 10(3), 172-177.

Grenier, M.L., Mendonca, R., Dalley, P. (2016). The effectiveness of orthoses in the conservative management of thumb CMC joint osteoarthritis: an analysis of functional pinch strength. American Journal of Hand Therapy, 29(3), 307-313. 

Grenier, M.L. (2015). The impact of brain drain in underserved countries: implementing a global ethical leadership approach. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care, 11(3), 1-5. 

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Crosby, C.A., Reitz, J.L., Mester, E.A. and Grenier, M.L. (2013). Rehabilitation following thumb CMC, radiocarpal, and DRUJ arthroplasty. Hand Clinics, February; 29(1): 123-142

Grenier, M.L., Chinchalkar, S.J. and Pipicelli, J.G. (2012). Static progressive orthosis for patients with limited radial and/or ulnar deviation: an innovative orthotic design. American Journal of Hand Therapy, October; 25(4): 425-428.


Online Publications (Non Peer-Reviewed)

Slanik, M. & Grenier, M.L. (2020, March 23). Adapting to the Shift to Working and Learning from Home. McGill Reporter, p. 1. Retrieved from 



Black, Asian & Minority Ethnicities Occupational Therapy Practitioners Students & Educators Network. (March, 2021). "Let's talk white supremacy and occupational therapy". 

Enhancing care for older in-patients is an eye-opening education for McGill students: Enhancing care for older in-patients is an eye-opening education for McGill students | JGH News (

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