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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a research question that I would like to answer. What do I do next?

Step 1: Formulate your research question into a Knowledge Translation (KT) research project, whereby the overall aim of your project is to enhance uptake of research evidence by researchers, educators, clinicians and other stakeholders for improving health care services and patient outcomes.
Step 2: Form a research team.
Step 3: Apply for funding from the Edith Strauss Rehabilitation Research Projects to help support your project activities.

Who needs to be part of the research team?

The research team is a collaboration of relevant stakeholders: patients, advocacy groups, clinicians, clinical managers, professional associations, administrators, policy makers, graduate students, clinical educators, and/or researchers. Research personnel (assistants, coordinators, statisticians, web master) are also involved in supporting the research team. Each team must include a principal investigator and a project leader.

Principal investigator (PI): an appointed SPOT Faculty member with a PhD or equivalent degree, who is responsible for the intellectual direction of the project and for financial/progress reporting.

Project leader: a clinician, clinician manager and/or graduate student (including those in a professional program), who coordinates the research project with guidance from the PI/research team. Amount of involvement of the project leader can vary and is decided with the research team.

How and where do I submit the application?

The deadline is usually on or after June 1 and December 1 of the current year at 5:00 pm EST. For more information about the application process, please visit For the application forms and guidelines, please visit (look at the right side of the webpage).

What are the expectations regarding study reports?

The principal applicant and project leader will be responsible for providing a total of four study reports. The first report is a 1-page written mid-term report on the progress made to date. The second is an oral presentation of the project and its developments at the Interactive Project Presentations Day. The third report is a 2-page final written report on the work accomplished and an accounting of expenditure. The fourth report will be a poster presentation of the final study results to be displayed at the subsequent Interactive Project Presentations Day.

What is the duration of grant recipient projects?

Projects are expected to be completed within a year.  However, project leaders are eligible to apply for funding for another project in a subsequent year.

How is payment arranged?

The duration of the payment period is 1 year and will commence and released to the principal applicant 5 working days after the Notice of Decision is sent out.  Funding for each project is non-renewable and must be spent before the end of the payment period. A maximum extension of 6 months after the end of the payment period can be granted to complete project activities.

What expenses are eligible for funding?

Purchase and maintenance of research equipment and other research tools, salaries of research personnel, student or clinician stipend, regional, national and international networking and exchange activities during the planning and dissemination of the research, costs associated with the creation and distribution of communication tools. A graduate student cannot receieve a stipend from this funding if they are currently receiving a studentship or fellowship.

How is my proposal reviewed?

All members of the Edith Strauss Rehabilitation Research Project Executive Steering Committee will receive the structured summary for each project and a ranking sheet. Each full application will be assigned to at least two members of the committee for detailed review and presentation during the Edith Strauss Rehabilitation Research Project Steering Committee meeting. During the meeting, the reviewers will be presented with the mean, median and minimum and maximum ranking from each study and the combined comments. Each study will be discussed and budget reviewed. The committee will agree on the final ranking of the projects.

Is assistance available if required?

Yes, Anita Menon and Diana Zidarov can be contacted at [at] or (514) 398-4400 ext.09310 to assist with any questions regarding the guidelines or application process.

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