Eva Kehayia

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Associate Professor

Eva Kehayia
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Davis House, 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

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eva.kehayia [at] mcgill.ca
Associate Professor; Scientific Director, Chercheur régulier, C.R.I.R. (Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en Réadaptation) du Montréal métropolitain www.crir.ca

BA (English Language and Linguisticcs) (Greece), MA, PhD (Linguistics / Neurolinguistics), McGill, Post-doctoral studies (Psycholinguistics/Neurolinguistics) (University of Ottawa)


Current research: 

Dr Kehayia's research focuses on three areas: 1) the study of the representation, organization and access of language in individuals across different languages, 2) the study of language breakdown in acquired and developmental language disorders and 3) the impact of language disorders on the individual's everyday life. Her neurolinguistic research is carried out in the Language and Communication Research Lab at the Jewish Rehabilition Hospital.

Dr Kehayia also heads the McGill branch of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council-Major Collaborative Research Initiative investigating the architecture and nature of the Mental Lexicon, entitled ‘Words in the Mind-Words in the Brain'.

Selected publications: 

Kehayia E, Riente L, Gillon B and Taler V. (2003). The processing of grammatical categories in sentential context: A psycholinguistic study. McGill Working Papers in Linguistics, 17: 55-63.

*Idrissi A and Kehayia E. (2004). Morphological units in the Arabic mental lexicon: Evidence from an individual with Deep Dyslexia. Brain and Language, 90:183-97.

*Lalonde S, Kehayia E, Leblanc J, Grothé MC, Poisson L, Ska B and Gélinas I. (2004). L'évaluation de la compréhension des consignes et du discours et du discours oral chez les individus traumatisés cranio-cérébral dans la langue française: Étude comparative. Fréquences, 16;3.

*Tsapkini K, Jarema G and Kehayia E. (2004). Regularity re-visited: Modality matters. Brain and Language, 89(3): 611-6.

*Manoulidou C and Kehayia E. (2005). Lexical access and representation of modern Greek derived words with the suffix –dzis. Journal of Greek Linguistics, 5: 81-96.

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