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Exams end

21 Dec 2017

Very happy holiday wishes to you and your families, from the Faculty and Staff of SPOT. See you in the New Year!

New Year's Day

1 Jan 2018

Classes officially begin

8 Jan 2018

Welcome back! We hope you had a nice rest, ate lots of food, and had fun with your family and friends.

Study week

5 Mar 2018
9 Mar 2018

Good Friday

30 Mar 2018

Passover begins

31 Mar 2018

Commences at sundown March 30th.

Easter Monday

2 Apr 2018

Passover Ends

7 Apr 2018

Passover should not affect academic activities scheduled during the regular work week, except Friday, April 6th.

2nd National KT Conference in Rehabilitation

19 Apr 2018
20 Apr 2018

This conference is relevant for researchers, students, health care professionals, clinical managers, administrators, and decision-makers interested in knowledge translation.

Keep your eyes open for the call for abstracts!