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Minerals of Quebec - Storymap Exploration

7 Feb 2021 10:00

A family friendly dig into some of Quebec’s heritage quarries and the minerals associated with these sites.

Learn about the Vesuvianite from the Jeffrey Mine and the world famous mineral types found at Mont Saint-Hilaire. Bring your own rocks and stones so that we can all share our mineral treasures after the storymap presentation.

Photo by Anthony H.: Analcime, a mineral found at Mont Saint-Hilaire (and on exhibit at the Redpath Museum!).

Secret science spots of McGill

7 Mar 2021 10:00

Science at McGill University goes back 150 years, but there are hidden pockets of history that will surprise even the most avid science nerd.

Find out where Ernest Rutherford conducted the experiments that won him the 1905 Nobel prize, or where Maude Abbott, Canada's first cardiologist, examined pathological samples, or where where you can read Darwin’s letter and learn about his connection to the Redpath Museum.

2021 SPOT Name-Tag Ceremony

15 Apr 2021 12:00

*Date and time to be confirmed*

SPOT pre-masters students finishing their undergrad (U3) or their qualifying year (QY) receive McGill SPOT name-tags that identify them as McGill OT or PT students, with which to begin their clinical placements! This year the format will be online, and the details of this virtual event will be posted here...

International Conference Knowledge Translation in Rehabilitation 2021

14 Jun 2021 08:30
15 Jun 2021 17:00

This year, the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy is proud to host an International conference in Knowledge Translation in Rehabilitation in Montreal, Quebec. This conference is relevant for researchers, professional and graduate students, health care professionals, clinical managers/administrators, and decision-makers interested in knowledge translation.

Conference goals:

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