Brenda Grant

Academic title(s): 

Faculty Lecturer (Professional)

Brenda Grant
Contact Information

3630 Prom. Sir-William-Osler, Montreal, QC H3G 1Y5

Email address: 
brenda.grant [at]
Faculty Lecturer (Professional), Co-Supervisor of Work Well McGill Program
Hosmer House, Room 307

Honours Baccalaureate of Health Sciences (BHSc) with a Minor in Psychology (University of Ottawa), Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (McMaster University)

Teaching areas: 

OCC1 501 OT Clinical Practicum I, OCC1 502 OT Clinical Practicum II, OCC1 503 OT Clinical Practicum III, OCC1 602 OT Clinical Practicum IV, OCC1 545 Therapeutic Strategies in Occupational Therapy 1, OCC1 549 Therapeutic Strategies in Occupational Therapy 2, OCC1 620 Work and Ergonomics

Areas of expertise: 

Supervisor of Work Well McGill program

The Work Well McGill program offers ergonomic assessments and work disability prevention services (i.e., personalized workshops, creation of educational materials) to the McGill Community. These services are performed by Occupational Therapy students in our Professional Master's Program and supervised by licensed Occupational Therapists.

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