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Bernadette Nedelec
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Building: Davis House, 3654 prom Sir-William-Osler

Mailing Address: 3654 prom Sir William Osler, Montréal, QC, Canada H3G 1Y5

Lab Office: Villa Medica Rehabilitation Hospital

Lab Phone: 288-8201 x4341

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bernadette.nedelec [at]
Professor; Occupational Therapy Program

BSc (OT), PhD Experimental Surgery (University of Alberta), Post-doctoral Studies (Nutrition) Université de Montréal


Teaching areas: 

OCC1 545 Therapeutic Strategies in Occupational Therapy 1


Current research: 

Dr Nedelec's area of expertise is the cellular and molecular biology of hypertrophic scar and the rehabilitation of burn survivors. Her current research projects focus on: 1) the evaluation of clinical instruments used to quantify hypertrophic scar and its associated symptoms, 2) the efficacy of treatment interventions employed to minimize this pathology and its associated morbidities, 3) practice issues related to evidence-based practice in burn survivor rehabilitation, and 4) the comprehensive evaluation of the short- and long-term consequences of burn injuries in adults.


Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal
Hôpital de réadaptation Villa Medica

Research Areas: 

assessment and treatment
burn survivor rehabilitation
hypertrophic scar pathophysiology

Selected publications: 

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Occupational Therapy
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