John A. Hall

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Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

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Research Areas

Nations, states and empires; nationalism and war; the economic consequences of the size of nations; sociological theory.



(PhD, London School of Economics, 1976; MA, Pennsylvania State, 1972; BA, Oxford University, 1970). Professor, at McGill University since 1991. 

Prof. Hall has held previous posts at Southampton University, the London School of Economics and Harvard University. His publications include The Sociology of Literature, Longmans, 1979; Diagnoses of Our Time, Heinemann, 1981; Powers and Liberties, Blackwell, 1985; Liberalism, Paladin, 1988; The State, (co-authored with G. J. Ikenberry), Minnesota, 1989; Coercion and Consent, Polity, 1994; International Orders, Polity, 1996; Is America Breaking Apart? Princeton (co-authored with Charles Lindholm), 1999; he has edited collections dealing with the state, the rise of capitalism, the social philosophy of Ernest Gellner, the theory of nationalism and the nature of civil society. At present he is writing on the interaction between nations, states and empires. He was an Invited Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (SCASSS) in Uppsala, Sweden, during the 1999-2000 academic year, Visiting Research Professor (1999-2002) at Queen's University in Belfast, and the Fowler Hamilton Fellow at Christ Church College, Oxford in 2003. He has been an Honorary Professor of Sociology and Politics at the University of Copenhagen since 2001. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts 2003-2005. His book titled "Ernest Gellner: An Intellectual Biography" was published in 2010 and longlisted for the Orwell Prize.

His doctoral students have worked on diverse topics such as nationalism and state education systems, the social background of the Bolsheviks, Islamic sects in modern Turkey, and nationalism in Quebec and Scotland. In 2001, he became the James McGill Professor of comparative Historical Sociology. In 2004, he was awarded the Prix Marcel Vincent. He is currently also a member of the Globalization and National Security Project


Selected Publications


Campbell, John L. and Hall, J. A. (in press). Fragilities of Capitalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Campbell, John L. and Hall, J. A. (2017). The Paradox of Vulnerability : States, Nationalism, and the Financial Crisis. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

Hall, J.A. (2015). The World of States, Co-author J. Campbell, Bloomsbury.

Hall, J.A. (2013). Nationalism and War, co-edited with S. Malesevic, Cambridge University Press.

Hall, J.A. (2013). The Struggle for Political Decency. Princeton University Press.

Hall, J.A. (2013). The Importance of Being Civil:  The Struggle for Political Decency. Princeton: Princeton University Press

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Hall, J.A. (1993). The State. London, Routledge. 3 vols. Contains my general introduction, 'Understanding States', and shorter introductions to various thematic sections.

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In Preparation

Hall, J.A. The Best Laid Plans: Essays in Social Theory. Princeton University Press.

Articles and Chapters

Hall, J.A. (in press). “The End of Empires”, in The Oxford World History of Empire, edited by P. Bang, C.A. Bayly and W. Scheidel. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Under review:

Nation-State Size, Ethnic Diversity and Economic Performance in the Advanced Capitalist Countries, with N. Patsiurko and J.L. Campbell, Nations and Nationalism (20 pp.).


Conference Papers

Europe: Banalities of Success, International Studies Association, Montreal, March 2011

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Selected Non-refereed Contributions

Modern Ideologie, in I. Choue and Y. Kim, eds, Transformative Challenges: Modern Civilization and Beyond, The Global Academy, Seoul, 2010

Islam and Democracy, Sociological Forum, vol. 23, June 2008, pp. 313-314; ‘Liberal Machiavellianism’, in P. Nedergaard and J.L. Campbell, eds, Institutions and Politics, DJOF, 2008

The Rise of the Modern State, a course of five lectures, University of Copenhagen, December 2006; ‘Michael Mann’, in G. Ritzer, ed., The Encyclopaedia of Social Theory, Sage, 2005

Reliable Uncertainty, Kritika & Kontext, vol. 29, 2005


Other Research Contributions (2005-2011)

(i) Conception, Funding and Organization of Colloquiums:

‘Constructing State and Nation in Denmark: The Contribution of Nikolai Grundtvig’, (co-organizers Ove Pedersen and Ove Korsgaard), Copenhagen, December 2011

Planned meeting in the Center for European Studies at Harvard 7-8 December 2012, edited volume to be published by McGill/Queens and (in Danish) by IFIS

‘Nationalism and War’, McGill University, March 2011 (participants include Randall Collins, Richard Lachmann, Benny Morris, Matthew Lange, James Hughes, Sinisa Malesevic, Michael Mann, Andreas Wimmer, John Darwin, Rene Lemarchand, Miguel Centeno, Bill Kissane, Stephen Saideman and Dominic Lieven; this important volume has been submitted to Cambridge, with my own long introduction)

‘The Social Theory of Michael Mann’, (co-organizer Ralph Schroeder), London School of Economics 2005 and UCLA  2005;

‘The State of Denmark’, (co-organizers Ove Pedersen and John Campbell), Copenhagen 2005 and Dartmouth College 2005.

(ii) Panels, as moderator and participant

Association for the Study of Nationalities, dealing with A. Stepan, J. Linz and Y. Yadav, Crafting State-Nations, New York, April 2011

Association for the Study of Nationalities, dealing with M. Mann, The Dark Side of Democracy and also with Anatol Lieven, American Nationalism, New York, April 2007

American Sociological Association, a panel on nationalism, Montreal, August 2006; Association for the Study of Nationalism, panel on D. Laitin, Nations, States and Violence, New York, April 2006.

(iii) Consultant/Peer Review: Regular reader’s reports on manuscripts for journals (including American Journal of Sociology, British Journal of Sociology, International Political Sociology, and Nations and Nationalism) and publishers (Including Cambridge, Oxford, Sage, Princeton and Polity).

(iv) Editorial Boards:  British Journal of Sociology since 2005; Government and Opposition since 1985, Nationalities Papers since 2009.

(v) Grant reviewer (NEH; SSHRC; Austrian Academy of Sciences; Iceland Research Fund; Norwegian Research Fund) and Tenure Reviewer (Harvard)


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:
SOCI 265: War, States and Social Change
SOCI 330: Classical Sociological Theory

Graduate Seminars:
SOCI 555: Comparative Historical Sociology


Research Grants

2009-13 FQRSC Team Grant, "Gloabalisation and REgional Security Orders"

2004-08 FQRSC, "La mondialisation et son incidence sur l'état de la sécurité nationale."

2007-08 NEH, "An Intellectual Biography of Ernest Gellner."

2007-09 SSHRC, "The Economic Consequences of the Size of Nations."


2016 Prix du Québec Léon-Gérin for human and social sciences
2016 Royal Society of Canada's Innis-Gérin Medal