• Brauner-Otto, Sarah (Director of the Centre on Population Dynamics)
    Research Areas: Demography, Family Sociology, Fertility, Macro-Micro Linkages, Environmental Sociology

  • Cambrosio, Alberto (Social Studies of Medicine/Sociology)
    Research Areas: Sociology of Biomedical Science, Medical Sociology
  • Carmichael, Jason
    Research Areas: Criminology, criminal justice, social control, punishment, social movements, political sociology and the sociology of law.
  • Clark, Shelley (James McGill Professor of Sociology)
    Research Areas: Social demography; family dynamics; child well-being; HIV/AIDS; adolescent transitions; and life course methods.
  • Das, Aniruddha (Bobby)
    Research Areas: Medical sociology, aging and life course, biodemography, gender and sex, quantitative methods, social networks, Natural Language Processing.
  • Doering, Jan
    Research Areas: Race, ethnicity, migration, microsociology, political sociology, qualitative methods, urban sociology
  • Eidlin, Barry
    Research Areas: Political sociology, economic sociology, organizations and institutions, comparative historical sociology, inequality and social policy, social theory, logic of inquiry, work, labor, social movements.
  • Elrick, Jennifer
    Research Areas: Immigration policy, race & ethnicity, international migration, immigrant incorporation, political sociology, qualitative methods
  • Hall, John (James McGill Professor of Sociology)
    Research Areas: Political Sociology, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Theory
  • Lange, Matthew (Department Chair)
    Research Areas: Development, Political Sociology, Comparative-Historical Sociology, and Ethnicity
  • Le Bourdais, Céline (Distinguished James McGill Professor of Sociology) (On leave Sept 2018 - Aug 2019)
    Research Areas: Family Change; Conjugal Histories; Fatherhood; Fertility; Work and Family Balance; Longitudinal Analysis; Family Policy.
  • McMahan, Peter
    Research Areas: Group dynamics; Social Hierarchy; Culture Knowledge, Social Networks; Quantitative Methods; Computational Methods; Text and Language analysis
  • Pesando, Luca Maria
    Research Areas: Social and Economic Demography; Family Dynamics; Poverty and Inequality; Social Stratification; Education; Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Methods.
  • Pinard, Maurice (Emeritus)
    Research Areas: Social Movements/Contentious Collective Action; Motivational Perspectives in Contentious Politics; Comparative Ethnopolitical Movements; Quebec Independence Movement; Electoral Politics
  • Quesnel-Vallée, Amélie (Canada Research Chair, Policies and Health Inequalities; Joint with Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health)
    Research Areas: Social Demography, Quantitative Methods, Medical Sociology
  • Roychowdhury, Poulami 
    Research Areas: Sociology of Sex and Gender; Political Sociology; Law and Human Rights; Political Economy of Development; Qualitative Methods
  • Rytina, Steven (Post-Retirement Associate Professor)
    Research Areas: Political Sociology, Mathematical Sociology, Stratification
  • Shor, Eran (William Dawson Scholar)
    Research Areas: Political Conflict and Human Rights; Terrorism and Counterterrorism; the Sociology of Health; Ethnicity and Nationalism; Determinants of Sexual Attraction; Media Coverage of Women and Ethnic Minorities; Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Methods.
  • Smith, Michael (James McGill Professor of Sociology)
    Research Areas: Social Organization, Economy and Society, Industrial Sociology
  • Soehl, Thomas 
    Research Areas:
    International Migration, Comparative Race and Ethnicity, Political Attachments of Migrants, Cross-Border Connections, Intergenerational Processes in Migrant Families
  • van den Berg, Axel 
    Research Areas:
    Theory, Political Sociology, Work and Labor Markets
  • Vang, Zoua
    Research Areas: Immigration, race and ethnic relations, residential segregation, neighborhood effects, racial/ethnic health disparities and immigrant health, mixed methods, and social policy
  • Weiner, Elaine
    Research Areas: Gender, Work, Culture, Citizenship and Political Economy, Development, Family, Sociology Theory, Qualitative Methods, Central and East European Societies.
  • Weinfeld, Morton (Director - Canadian Ethnic Studies)
    Research Areas: Race/Ethnic/Minority Relations, Education, Immigration/Multiculturalism

Associate Member

  • jennifer.fishman [at] mcgill.ca (Jennifer Fishman)
  • anthony.masi [at] mcgill.ca (Anthony Masi)
  • Claudia Masferrer
  • robert.whitley [at] mcgill.ca (Robert Whitley)