Equity Diversity and Inclusion

School of Information Studies Equity Committee was formed in September 2019 to promote and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and social equity within the School. An initiative from the students, the committee’s goal will be to engage with the department’s students, staff, and faculty to identify the areas within the department that can be improved upon in regard to equity, inclusion and diversity and to take action towards improving those areas. The proposal, which led to the creation of the Committee, can be viewed here: PDF iconSIS Equity Committee Proposal

Committee Structure

The Committee is co-chaired by a faculty member and a student, with members from the masters and PhD program, as well as the faculty. The 2020/2021 co-chairs are Prof. Rebekah Willson (faculty co-chair, rebekah.willson [at] mcgill.ca) and Leigh Emerson (student co-chair, leigh.emerson [at] mail.mcgill.ca). Student members are elected through the McGill Information Studies Student Association (MISSA).

Prof. Rebekah Willson Faculty (Co-Chair)
Leigh Emerson MISt II Student (Co-Chair, MISSA Rep)
Laurence Roberts MISt I Student
Saiyan Islam MISt I Student
Hyejin Park MISt II Student
Lindsey Franks MISt II Student
Gavin Goodwin MISt II Student
Lori Podolsky PhD Student
Claudia Baptista Claros PhD Student
Melissa Nelson Alumna
Prof. Karyn Moffatt Faculty


Committee Work

Each year, the Committee chooses projects to work on for the year. These projects include organising social events to foster inclusion within the SIS community, arranging workshops on topics related to EDI, and working towards a more equitable and inclusive environment where all SIS students, staff and faculty are respected, supported, and have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. The Committee also holds school-wide forums to report back on its work. In 2019, the Committee developed an online questionnaire, which will be administered biennially. Aggregated and anonymised results from the 2019 questionnaire can be viewed here: PDF iconEquity Committee Survey Results - 2019


Indigenous Student Librarian Program

The Indigenous Student Librarian Program offers the opportunity for an indigenous student to work part-time as a student librarian (or archivist) at Concordia Library, while pursuing a master’s degree in information studies at either McGill or Université de Montréal. This initiative, led by Concordia University Library, is a partnership between three universities: Concordia, McGill University, and Université de Montréal. 

For information about eligibility and how to apply, please see: https://www.mcgill.ca/sis/resources/students/funding/indigenous-student-librarian-program



McGill has resources for that may be of use for students, faculty, and staff. Below is a selection of resources and policies. You can see a complete list of Equity Resources here: https://www.mcgill.ca/equity/resources

Mental Health & COVID-19

Disability & Accessibility

Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity

Indigenous Resources


Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Drop-In Centre (with prayer room): https://www.mcgill.ca/morsl/cultivate-wellness/dropin-centre

Spaces for prayer, worship, and meditation on campus: https://www.mcgill.ca/morsl/spaces-prayer-worship-and-meditation-campus

McGill Policies


McGill University is situated on the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka, a place which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst nations. We recognise and respect the Kanien’kehà:ka as the traditional custodians of the lands and waters on which we meet.

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