Prof. Elaine Ménard awarded Fourth Annual “Best Paper in Knowledge Organization Award”

Published: 7 December 2017

The Fourth Annual “Best Paper in Knowledge Organization Award” for Volume 43 (2016) has been awarded to:


Elaine Ménard, Nouf Khashman, Svetlana Kochkina, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, Patricia Velazquez-Morales, Fen Zhou, Pierre Jourlin, Priyanka Rawat, Peter Peinl, Elvys Linhares Pontes and Ilaria Brunetti (2016) .“A Second Life for TIIARA: From Bilingual to Multilingual!” Knowledge Organization 43 no. 1: 22-34.


Abstract: Multilingual controlled vocabularies are rare and often very limited in the choice of languages offered. TIIARA (Taxonomy for Image Indexing and RetrievAl) is a bilingual taxonomy developed for image indexing and retrieval. This controlled vocabulary offers indexers and image searchers innovative and coherent access points for ordinary images. The preliminary steps of the elaboration of the bilingual structure are presented. For its initial development, TIIARA included only two languages, French and English. As a logical follow-up, TIIARA was translated into eight languages—Arabic, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, Hindi and Russian—in order to increase its international scope. This paper briefly describes the different stages of the development of the bilingual structure. The processes used in the translations are subsequently presented, as well as the main difficulties encountered by the translators. Adding more languages in TIIARA constitutes an added value for a controlled vocabulary meant to be used by image searchers, who are often limited by their lack of knowledge of multiple languages.


The abstract of the article will appear in vol. 44 no. 8, December 2017, together with the photos and biographical statements from all of the authors.

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