Dr. Catherine Guastavino of the School of Information Studies part of team to receive $11M in funding for innovations in music media and technology

Published: 7 July 2015

McGill School of Information Studies faculty member Dr. Catherine Guastavino is part of a team of researchers with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRRMT) who have been awarded $11M in funding through a grant from Canada Foundation for Innovation's 2015 Innovation Fund.

CIRMMT will receive funding for their project on the science of the art of music: “Live Expression "“in situ”": Musical and Audiovisual Performance and Reception" at McGill University in collaboration with Université de Montréal. The project will include the creation of a research hub which will become the world’s leading research facility for the scientific study of live performance, movement of recorded sound in space, and remote, synchronous performance.

In two interconnected spaces at McGill and the Université de Montréal, researchers will help develop virtual acoustics to simulate concert environments and other technologies for audio recording, film, television, distance education, and multimedia artworks. Neuroscientists and psychologists will also be able to study the ways in which large numbers of performers coordinate their actions, as well as the factors that lead listeners to perceive the sounds of different instruments as blended or distinct in orchestral works.

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The projects funded under the Canada Foundation for Innovation's 2015 Innovation Fund endeavour to position the country as a global research leader, from outer space, to the surgeon's table, to our interconnected day-to-day world. The state-of-the-art infrastructure funded will transform the Canadian research landscape; the work it supports will propel Canadian research towards the leading edge.

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