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Student Chapter


The CAPAL student chapter at McGill provides a community for SIS students interested in academic librarianship, and helps students to become active in the field of academic librarianship before graduation.

We provide a place to meet, to learn more about the profession, and to become active in the field before graduating. We work with CAPAL members, both locally and nationally, to network and to share educational and professional opportunities.

If you would like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us at capal.mcgill [at] gmail.com



Parent Chapter


From CAPAL website:

“CAPAL is a national membership association representing the interests of professional academic librarians in relation to the areas of education, standards, professional practice, ethics, and core principles. CAPAL differs from other library associations in that it is an advocacy group focused on the individual and the profession. Like other academic associations, we aim to work collaboratively with local, provincial and national organizations currently working on behalf of librarians and libraries.”


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