Women Parents

Student Parent Resources

The Student Parent Resources page provides information on financial resources, offices and libraries, and other resources relevant to supporting yourself as both parent and student. Under 'Financial Resources' are links that direct you to options for scholarships and student aid for student caregivers as well as information about the volunteer babysitter program run through SSMU. For information about the PGSS Family Collection program (keeping kids entertained while they are at the library), the International Student Centre (ISS) and peer support networks on campus, visit the 'Offices and Libraries' section. In the 'Other Resources' section you will find resources about contacting a family coordinator, locating food around campus, and accommodations for pregnant students/students with a dependent.  


Graduate Student Parents

The Graduate Student Parents page provides an overview of where to find PGSS-provided information on services, facilities, and events that are open to graduate students with a dependent. For more detailed information, you can also visit the PGSS (Post-Graduate Students' Society) website here or navigate directly to the PGSS page on Family Care. Moreover, how to access facilities located in Thomposon House, the base for PGSS, such as the Nursery Room, is also available on this page. 

For information on policies regarding paid parental leave for graduate students please go to: https://www.mcgill.ca/gps/students/graduate-policies-and-regulations/par...


Undergraduate Students

For undergraduates, details of the services provided through SSMU (Students' Society of McGill University) can be found on the Undergraduate Students page. The information provided here relates to accessing family care and SSMU's most recent policy for these services. Additionally, one can information on SSMU offices set aside as private breastfeeding zones and daycare options for undergraduate students. 

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