Groups trying to make a difference @ McGill

Social Equity and Diversity Education Office
McGill’s Social Equity and Diversity Education Office works to create innovative and engaging ways of raising awareness and capturing the University’s interest in issues of social equity and diversity.

Family Care Co-ordinator

A wonderful new resource at McGill – a Family Care Co-ordinator! Located within SEDE (Social Equity and Diversity Education Office). For more information click here. And check out their activities and news on the Family Care Facebook page.

PGSS Equity and Diversity Committee

McGill's Post-Graduate Students' Society has a dedicated Equity and Diversity committee that aims at, among other things, understanding and representing graduate student interests in issues regarding equity and diversity on campus. More information can be found on their website and their Facebook page.

SSMU Equity Committee

Students' Society of McGill University has an Equity committee, which serves to represent students' interests in issues related to equity and diversity on campus. For more information, check out their Facebook page and Twitter. For complaints regarding equity and diversity issues on campus, you may want to check out this SSMU page.

McGill Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies
The IGSF came into being at the end of March 2009, as an academic unit in the Faculty of Arts. They aim to stimulate, support and disseminate research in gender, sexual diversity, and feminist studies.

Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity

Joint Board-Senate Committee on Equity

Independent Women For Equality McGill

Student group publishing materials related to women issues at McGill and more globally. Check out their website for recent posts.

McGill Women Associates

This is an organization of women associated with McGill. Membership is open to female professors, female support staff, female librarians, and also to the wives of all members of staff. The club has promoted the social life of McGill through tea parties and other events. This group runs the yearly Redpath Hall Book Fair, which raises money for student scholarships.

First Peoples' House

First Peoples' House

First Peoples' House welcomes all indigenous students including Métis, the Inuit, & Native (both "status" & "non-status"), Maori and Aborigines.

McGill Women's Alumnae Association

The MWAA was founded by McGill's first women graduates, the class of 1888. Initially a banding together of eight women for mutual support, the MWAA grew and flourished and continues to make contributions to the University and to the community at large. Follow their Facebook page for regular updates.

McGill Women's Networking Group
The group provides an opportunity for the women of McGill to meet and enjoy social events and discussions about common concerns.

Office for Students with Disabilities

Faculty of Science Work Group
on Women Professors' Academic Careers
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