Universities supporting women in leadership

On this page you will find a listing of professional development programs, conferences and resources available at other Canadian and international universities aimed at supporting female faculty, staff and student success!

Canadian Universities

International Universities

Canadian Universities

University of Calgary

Women's Resource Center

  • "The Women’s Resource Centre is a safe and welcoming place for students, staff, faculty, and community to come together to connect. We focus on practical skills development that compliments classroom theoretical learning."

Academic Women’s Association

  • "The mandate of the UC-AWA is to advance academic women’s career development from earliest stages to post-career, through advocacy and raising awareness of women’s issues in collaboration with other equity associations on campus."

  • The AWA organizes events, such as: Negotiating Service in the Academy - "Striking a balance between service, research, and teaching is challenging. Women tend to sit on more committees than their male colleagues, and studies have shown that their service tends to be undervalued. Yet service is also an opportunity to develop research networks and to make meaningful contributions to one’s discipline. Understanding how service supports research is one way to counter the gendered devaluation of committee work."


University of Ottawa

Centre for Academic Leadership

  • The Centre organizes workshops as well as offers mentoring and coaching. On the website there are some good resources on academic leadership that can be tailored for women academics.


International Universities

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • “an intensive professional development program for women in higher education who seek to gain or strengthen their academic leadership capabilities. It is designed to help women identify, understand, and move into leadership roles in the academy. An advisory board guides the program's activities.”
  • Offers a series of professional development workshops and courses over 4 weekends


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Women in Educational Leadership Conference

  • “an excellent forum for discussion of issues related to women in educational leadership.
  • ”One-day conference focused on research topics addressing issues related to women in educational leadership


Harvard University

Women in Education Leadership (Professional Development Program)

  • “The program focuses on how senior leaders must navigate the multiple responsibilities and constituencies of their roles. Through workshops, lectures and case discussions you will analyze and practice advanced leadership techniques, exploring topics such as negotiation and communication. You will learn to think more strategically and strengthen your leadership capacity."


University of Otago

Women's Professional Development Programme (HEDC and Human Resources)

  • provides mentoring programmes (for general and academic staff), workshops and seminars, and the Women and Leadership Programme
  • Academic Women Mentoring - “aims to provide a framework within which senior academic staff can help less experienced academics with career planning, developing and maintaining a research profile, enhancing teaching and establishing networks within the university. About 100 members of the academic staff are currently involved in the programme.”
  • Women in Leadership Programme - “runs a variety of workshops and seminars that focus on: the context for leadership at the University of Otago, developing leadership skills, and planning your on-going professional development as a leader.”


Cornell University

Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine

  • “an intensive one-year program of leadership training with extensive coaching, networking and mentoring opportunities aimed at expanding the national pool of qualified women candidates for leadership in academic medicine, dentistry and public health.”
  • “specifically developed for senior women faculty at the associate or full professor level who demonstrate the greatest potential for assuming executive leadership positions at academic health centers within the next five years.”


University of New South Wales

Academic Women in Leadership (AWiL) Program

  • Aims to "build a visible cohort of high potential, talented academic women to lead with confidence and competence Contribute to an increase in representation and distribution of academic women in senior appointments and on key policy and decision-making bodies"
  • Provides workshops, seminars and mentoring
  • Focuses on three areas: Leadership, interpersonal and career development; Insight into the current priorities and strategic issues within the University and Higher Education sector; Building strategic linkages


University of St Thomas

Women Faculty Leadership Council

  • promotes leadership among women faculty at St. Thomas.
  • "The Council works to facilitate professional development and mentorship opportunities for women faculty members motivated to pursue academic promotion and administrative leadership roles in higher education."
  • Organizes mentoring for women faculty as well as panel discussions and workshops such as “a panel discussion featuring UST women who will share their insights and advice on seeking and receiving the rank of full professor.”
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